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When the late Sir Paul Judge played matchmaker

13 February 2019

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A party hosted by the late Sir Paul Judge for Cambridge Judge Business School students led to a romance and two wedding …

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A party hosted by the late Sir Paul Judge for Cambridge Judge Business School students led to a romance and two wedding ceremonies for Jelena and Jannis Angelis (PhD 1999 and 1998) – both three-day events in Vilnius and Athens.

Jelena nee Siraliova and Jannis Angelis
Jelena nee Siraliova (PhD 1999) and Jannis Angelis (PhD 1998)

“Officially we met at a party held by the late Sir Paul Judge in his house, an annual formal event where he would generously open his home for students of the School. We started talking and then after some apparently accidental, yet purposeful, manoeuvring managed to sit together on the coach back. In reality, however, the first meeting took place in the ground floor computer room, with adjoining seats but one being uncommunicative and rather more work-focused party (Jelena, obviously). Harsh indeed, so it is a good thing the building colours all are festive. Numerous Grantchester walks helped to impress, certainly more than my dancing skills.

“Jelena then finished her MPhil and I a PhD. After corporate stints in various consulting jobs in city power ties and such attire, Jelena continued for a doctorate and I returned as a fellow. We even sailed with Cambridge Judge Business School alumni against other business schools, Jelena steering and me acting as leaning ballast and putting my commando past to shame.

“There was then the (unavoidable?) move to the darker side, where we still have a place near the sports ground famed for breaking the four-minute mile. Of course, Cambridge now has its own sports centre, so perhaps using some clever Fen-tech it will be famed for a one-minute mile. As for the wedding(s), there were two – in Vilnius and in Athens. Both three-day events, including the bridal carrying traditions, but there was only swimming involved in one.

“Currently we live in Stockholm, me as a professor and Jelena as a consultancy director. We live close to the house of the late children’s author Astrid Lindgren, so there is a daily, albeit smallish, tourist crowd outside. It is a nice College-life reminder in a way, with way better heating in winter. But work often takes us back to Cambridge, now with Alexandra in tow. She finds the meadow cows more interesting than the stunning surroundings, and the London Underground most appealing of all. But that is the prerogative of youth. She will come around.”

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