Cambridge Master of Accounting, first cohort.

Five reflections from the first MAcc cohort to join our alumni community

16 December 2020

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Congratulations to the first cohort of the Cambridge Master of Accounting (MAcc) programme as they join the School’s alumni community. In 2018 …

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Congratulations to the first cohort of the Cambridge Master of Accounting (MAcc) programme as they join the School’s alumni community.

In 2018 a brand-new, post-experience, part-time programme launched at Cambridge Judge Business School. The Cambridge Master of Accounting programme is designed to train decision makers and not technicians, and lead to innovation roles in accounting and finance fields.

As we welcome the first cohort of the programme into the alumni community, we share a selection of reflections of their time at Cambridge Judge.

Benson Chan, CEO, Asia Pacific, Amber Hill Holdings

Benson Chan.
Benson Chan (MAcc 2018)

I am so glad that I have completed the Cambridge MAcc programme. Accounting has always been one of the most important and respected professions, but nowadays it is subject to different challenges, including the advancement of technology, exponential increase in volume and speed of financial data, emergence of disruptive business models and the widening of the stakeholder expectation gap.

In the two-year intensive training on the programme, I have equipped myself with skills and techniques in data science and analytics, critical analysis of contemporary accounting and financial issues, managing change, innovation and personal growth from a new perspective. More importantly, the Cambridge MAcc is a truly global programme and I have learnt a lot from my class of very talented colleagues from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise. Both the knowledge and network that I have gained from the Cambridge MAcc is, and will continue to be, beneficial to my career and personal development.

José Renato Zappa, Treasury & Controllership, Legion Holdings

José Renato Zappa.
José Renato Zappa (MAcc 2018)

The Cambridge MAcc aims to train its students to become influential leaders, and provide them with financial and accounting knowledge to be used as leverage in their careers. Additionally, you have the unique experience of studying at the University of Cambridge, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, which is unquestionably valuable for the future of your career.

I was pleased to experience a truly global group, we had people from almost every continent in the world. A great way to build a network from the United States to Australia to learn how people do business around the world and to understand how cultural differences affect it, and also to share experiences in order to support each other’s development.

The part-time format was a perfect fit for me, I couldn’t just leave my job and my projects to take a full year off. When I was at Cambridge, during the residential weeks, I had the space and time to deep-dive into class discussions, brainstorm with colleagues and tackle current business cases. Then, once I got back to Rio, I was able to bring these ideas to my company, evaluate the results and then discuss the feedback with my classmates and Cambridge professors.

I can say that completing the Master of Accounting programme has accelerated my career. Today I work directly with the Board of my company, working on projects that my CEO understands as priorities for the company, whilst also participating in the Executive Committees for strategic decision-making.

Akriti Arya-Cohen, Director, Ad Revenue Forecasting, ViacomCBS

Akriti Arya-Cohen.
Akriti Arya-Cohen (MAcc 2018)

The Cambridge Master of Accounting programme has been a unique experience for me in every respect. I began my masters search looking for programmes that would help me learn the more strategic and analytical skills that I needed to move up through the ranks to VP and CFO roles. I also wanted something that would challenge me intellectually and the Cambridge MAcc gave me all of those things.

The programme modules cover a wide array of topics like descriptive and predictive analytics, financial analysis, corporate governance, change management and interpersonal dynamics, to name a few. Exposure to these subjects prepares students to become informed executives that make strong business decisions.

The Cambridge MAcc focuses on recruiting professionals around the world from varying industries, compounding your global networking opportunities. The programme provided me with knowledge and friendships that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

If you want to be a global leader, then this is the programme for you. I recommend it for anyone looking to accelerate their career.

John Maslin, Financial Manager, US Navy

John Maslin.
John Maslin (MAcc 2018)

The Cambridge MAcc is a truly unique programme. The faculty and staff have successfully created an academic experience that goes beyond the fundamental aspects of accounting. Rather than memorising formulas or learning how to pass an auditing exam, the Cambridge MAcc teaches you how to think critically about financial information.

Classes are taught using real-world examples and case studies, allowing students to practice their strategic decision making and refine their ability to communicate complicated topics in an easily understood manner.

Additionally, the programme exposed me to new ways of thinking and gave me a better appreciation for burgeoning technologies through its focus on data analytics. But the best part about the programme was the global perspective. Having the opportunity to engage deeply with a diverse cohort of citizens from around the globe broadened my understanding of how the world works, for which I will always be grateful.

Apoorva Tiku, Financial Auditor, Audit Office of New South Wales

Apoorva Tiku.
Apoorva Tiku (MAcc 2018)

I loved being part of the Cambridge MAcc programme because it was such a novel experience. Where accounting degrees typically teach students to think “inside the box” and not necessarily initiate change, this degree teaches us to question the status quo and think of ways to improve the situation.

After completing the degree, I can definitely say that I think about everything more critically and ask those all-important questions of “why?” and “how can this be done better?”.

I will cherish this eye-opening opportunity and the life-long friends I have made along the way!