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Scholarship support for Cambridge MBA class of 2021

22 October 2021

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Cambridge Judge Business School has recently reformulated its scholarship offering for the 2021-22 admissions cycle, to reflect the continuing commitment to building a diverse community of students on the MBA programme. Some new awards have been created and additional funds have been made available for women and the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Cambridge Judge Business School has recently reformulated its scholarship offering for the 2021-22 admissions cycle, to reflect the continuing commitment to building a diverse community of students on the MBA programme. Some new awards have been created and additional funds have been made available for women and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The class of 2021, were awarded 23 scholarships in total – here we meet them:

Technology and Innovation scholarship

Brianna Goodlin.
Brianna Goodlin (MBA 2021)

Brianna Goodlin, from the USA, has been working at a boutique professional services management consultancy firm based in Washington, DC.

On choosing Cambridge, Brianna says: “I am driven by an intense curiosity and thirst for knowledge, which was a significant aspect of my motivation to attend business school. I wanted to be challenged and be given space to question my own beliefs and understandings, while being exposed to diversity in every aspect.”

She continues; “I chose Cambridge specifically because at every point in the process, I was shown how collaborative, supportive, and diverse this group was.”

On being awarded the scholarship for technology and Innovation, Brianna says: “I am so humbled, and grateful to receive this award. As someone who grew up in poverty, I am the product of the generosity of those around me. So much of my life has been made possible by those who invested in me, and who ensured that my lack of access to resources did not mean a lack of access to opportunities.”

She continues, “To be awarded this scholarship is to be given the chance to continue breaking the cycle of poverty, and to be empowered to find ways to do that for others as well.”

Forté Foundation scholarship

Mary Rasita.
Mary Rasita (MBA 2021)

Mary Rasita, from Indonesia, was a Research Manager, based in Jakarta, at insights and consulting company, Kantar Millward Brown.

Mary has come to Cambridge looking for a career change on a global scale, “After an exciting five-year career, I had arrived at a point in my journey where a rigorous education in business is crucial to catapult my career. And after the change during 2020/21, it has become clear that the dimensions of business have changed vastly, if not drastically.”

She continues, “The Cambridge MBA offers just the right amount of richness I aspire from a business school – a diverse and collaboration-focused cohort, a strong network of leaders in the business and tech, and an innovative yet inclusive approach to navigate the ever-advancing technologies in business.”

On the role of women across the business school community and beyond she says,

“As a fierce believer in the power of women’s empowerment, I am truly humbled to be one of the three women awarded the Forté Foundation scholarship.

And concludes, “I look forward to learning and collaborating so much more with the brilliant men and women at Cambridge Judge, to contribute towards the ongoing quest to women’s empowerment all across the world.”

Entrepreneurship scholarship

Ruby Tew.
Ruby Tew (MBA 2021)

Ruby Tew rowed for her country of New Zealand in the recent Tokyo Olympics. While all eyes were on the teams competing in the choppy waters of the Sea Forest Waterway, female founder and entrepreneur, Ruby was also preparing to travel to the UK to begin the next chapter in her extraordinary career.

“I have done a number of different things over the past 10 years of my life. A full-time career as a profession athlete in the New Zealand Rowing team as well as starting and running my own catering company Athlete Food Co,” she explains.

On her career highlights to date she explains, “Bootstrapping and growing Athlete Food Co. alongside the demands of life as an elite athlete was a huge achievement for me, but my biggest accomplishment from this journey is the amount of good we have been able to do.”

On her admissions journey to Cambridge she expands, “Cambridge was an obvious choice for me from the beginning. Everyone at Cambridge, staff, alumni and current students, were so friendly and helpful, right from the start of the application process. I knew straight away that it was a community of people that I wanted to be a part of.”

For scholar Chris Griffin, founder and Director of organic Peruvian Yacon syrup company, YaconViva!, and former employee of Accenture in London, the decision to come to Cambridge was accelerated by the global pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit, it seemed like a natural time to make a career shift and the MBA is known as the perfect platform to achieve that. Having had a taste of entrepreneurial experience, I chose Cambridge because of its excellent reputation in this space.”

Impact in Emerging Markets scholarship

Supitcha Pam Tantimekabut.
Supitcha (Pam) Tantimekabut (MBA 2021)

Supitcha (Pam) Tantimekabut, from Thailand, has worked in the family business, SWS Group Company, a broadcast and professional solutions distributor, for a number of years.

“After spending four years in my family business, I had developed an in depth understanding of the necessary business background. While it has been successful up to a point, I still felt that there was lots of room to improve and grow in myself. The past year especially has highlighted the gaps in my knowledge and skillset, which I need to address to help direct me towards a new goal. I believe an MBA provides a shortcut to these skills and future career growth for my family business.”

Looking to the year ahead Pam says: “The opportunities to meet and learn from 45 different nationalities in one year is amazing. You will get to learn and exchange perspectives from people from every industry from every side of the world.”

On the scholarship and its meaning to her home country and sector, Pam explains,

“I am very grateful that Cambridge Judge recognises the importance of emerging market roles in the growing world. Coming from an emerging market allows me to understand the different viewpoints and realise where the gaps are that we need to fulfil.”

She concludes, “‘Impact’ in emerging market is a big thing for me. My goal is to expand access to new technologies across Thailand, especially in the healthcare and education sectors.”

Beyond Profit/Social Impact scholarship

Robert Lean.
Robert Lean (MBA 2021)

Robert Lean, from Australia, is a business coach for the Bambudda Group in New South Wales. Robert’s search for an MBA programme led him to Cambridge, as it very closely aligned with his goals and career aims.

He explains, “I needed to find an institution that was not only dedicated to entrepreneurship but also to social impact through business. Cambridge Judge proves just the place.”

He continues; “My goal is to help lead high-impact, high-growth social initiatives that address structural inequality, with a particular focus on Aboriginal rights in Australia.”

On being awarded his scholarship he says: “The Beyond Profit/Social Innovation scholarship has allowed me to access a world-class institution and business education. I am grateful for the support that Cambridge Judge Business School has for me and my goals, and I am excited to learn from the diverse and determined 2021-2022 cohort!”

Angela Khakali.
Angela Khakali (MBA 2021)

For Canadian/Kenyan born Angela Khakali, whose previous role was for the government of Ontario as Broadband Strategy Lead.

“Cambridge is home to Europe’s biggest tech cluster, with the business school at the centre of the ecosystem. With an interest in tech and venture capital, Cambridge is the perfect place for me to pursue my MBA and gain the skills I need to make the transition.”

Talking about the diversity of the 2021/22 cohort, Angela says “I look forward to a transformative experience, where I will focus on building my leadership skills and business acumen from a diverse cohort with a wealth of experience across many industries and sectors. This international network and lifelong friendships will be invaluable as we kick-start the next chapter of our careers.”

On receiving her scholarship Angela explains, “Over the past couple of months, I have enjoyed interacting with the global and highly accomplished cohort that the Cambridge MBA is known to attract. Given the calibre of my peers, I am honoured and grateful to have received this scholarship award.”

She concludes; “Coming from a non-traditional background, this scholarship is a confirmation of the value of my work and the recognition of my potential for even greater impact in the future.”

Candidates working in beyond-profit/social impact sectors would now be eligible for the Wider Cambridge MBA Scholarship for Professional Diversity.


Ihor Kravets.
lhor Kravets (MBA 2021)

Ihor Kravets, from the Ukraine, has spent over a decade working for BAT (British American Tobacco) based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and more recently in the London headquarters.

He explains, “After a successful international career and more than a decade in consumer goods marketing, I came to a reconsideration point, starting to question whether I would like to proceed in the same direction in my professional life or pivot into an alternative route.”

On choosing Cambridge for his MBA Ihor says: “The things that attracted me the most were the diversity of the Cambridge MBA cohort, the programme’s focus on practical industry experience through team projects, and the strong academic tradition of Cambridge University. What took it home was the feeling of the close connection that the cohort has – due to the relatively small size and ability of students to truly know each other.”

On representing the LGBTQIA+ community across Cambridge Judge Business School, he says,

“It’s an immense privilege to be awarded the ROMBA scholarship. It is an even bigger privilege to be empowered by CJBS to advocate for the interests of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially knowing that at the very same time, there are places in the world where LGBTQIA+ people can’t even openly be their true selves.”

Healthcare scholarship

Alastair Dunne.
Alastair Dunne (MBA 2021)

New Zealander, Alastair Dunne, is a medical doctor by training and was up until recently, working as a Medical Assessor with Immigration New Zealand, based out of the capital, Wellington. He outlines his career journey to the Cambridge MBA.

“Very early in my medical career I became disillusioned with the delivery of healthcare and was certain there had to be a better way to achieve outcome for our patients. I realised I could either spend the next forty plus years complaining or work to get into a place where I could be that much required change.

We asked him what he was looking forward to most during his MBA year.

“I am looking forward to being exposed to a diversity of ideas. Professions like Medicine teach you to think in a certain way – to address problems with a particular methodology. As effective as this may be, it can leave blind spots. I am excited to tackle problem solving with a high-calibre group of peers from a range of industries. I believe this will allow me to view healthcare in an entirely different way.”

Candidates working in healthcare would now be eligible for the Wider Cambridge MBA Scholarship for Professional Diversity.

Africa Regional Bursary

Felicia Akinnuwa.
Felicia Akinnuwa (MBA 2021)

Kenyan born, Felicia Akinnuwa, has recently left the global electronics marketplace Eze, where she was Chief of Staff, to pursue her MBA at Cambridge.

For Felicia being awarded the scholarship,

“Has definitely been a major confidence boost and was an integral part in me finally deciding to take the leap to going back to school.”

She continues, “For me, getting an MBA at Cambridge has always been the goal. I am particularly excited about Cambridge Judge’s practical, rigorous and innovative MBA curriculum, that will provide a general perspective and equip me with leadership, management and innovation skills adaptable to a rapidly changing local and global context.”

For her long-term outlook Felicia says, “I have a goal to live in (and be culturally immersed) in both the North, West, South and West Africa. For now, I have only covered three of those regions having lived in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.”

African candidates are now eligible for the Wider Cambridge MBA Scholarship for Regional Diversity.

Military Personnel scholarship

William Maxted.
William Maxted (MBA 2021)

British MBA candidate, William Maxted, was a serving Captain in the British Army for the Parachute Regiment, before moving into the financial services sector working for Liberty Specialty Markets in London.

“Specialising in the management of climate change risk and opportunities led me to begin exploring the far-reaching implications that this issue posed to businesses and a wider society. It was at this point that I wanted to equip myself with the skills to be able to tackle these larger-than-life challenges. An MBA seemed the best way to do this.”

On his scholarship award Wlliam says,

“It will always be a challenge making the transition from the structured and clearly defined roles of the military to a corporate environment, but an MBA provides veterans with options outside of the usual type-cast roles many are offered. “

He concludes, “The Cambridge Military Personnel scholarship provides veterans with the opportunity to ensure that military experiences can be translated into viable commercial skills.”