2022 Teaching Awards.

2022 Cambridge Judge excellence in teaching awards

23 May 2022

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Seven members of the Cambridge Judge faculty are awarded teaching prizes for excellence across the Business School’s various programmes.

Mauro Guillén
Professor Mauro Guillén

Seven members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty were presented with Teaching Awards on 23 May for their teaching excellence across a range of the Business School’s programmes. 

“Teaching excellence is a core part of the DNA of Cambridge Judge, so I am delighted to announce these Teaching Awards to honour seven deserving faculty members,” said Professor Mauro Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge, who announced the awards at a ‘Town Hall’ meeting 23 May. “The superb teaching of Cambridge Judge helped ensure continuity during the challenging period of the global pandemic, and we are very proud of the role played by all our faculty during these times. We know from their comments that students welcome our faculty’s commitment, engagement and knowledge.”

These are the seven members of faculty honoured, with excerpts from remarks by Mauro that reflect feedback from students and others: 

Executive Education programmes

Allègre Hadida.
Dr Allègre Hadida

Allègre Hadida, Associate Professor in Strategy

Allègre is a consistently outstanding contributor and Academic Programme Director to multiple Custom Executive Education programmes, including innovative work with new clients, and she goes above and beyond to make personal connections with participants to ensure their experience is as enriching as possible.

As an engaging, inspiring and energetic teacher, we have seen first-hand how clients and participants take great value from her immersive approach. Working with diverse groups, Allègre dedicates great attention to connecting to individual contexts and has an incredible ability to respond to participant interests. She is an exemplary teacher and leader on our programmes, and is highly valued by clients and team alike! 

Stelios Kavadias, Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation & Growth and Vice-Dean for Faculty 

Stelios Kavadias.
Professor Stelios Kavadias

Stelios has been an exemplary leader of the Advanced Leadership Programme at Cambridge Judge Executive Education. Not only does he spend time briefing each and every CJBS faculty member ahead of their sessions, he also helps by reaching out to wider University academics so we have a great mix of CJBS and broader University of Cambridge faculty in the programme, as well as guest speakers from the biotech ecosystem.

Stelios constantly goes above and beyond just “teaching”, spending time with participants at lunch and outside of the classroom. He brings innovative ideas to the curriculum, constantly thinks about new and diverse faculty and how to include them, and is a wonderfully engaging academic.  

Management Tripos and MPhil in Management programmes

Juliana Kozak-Rogo, Senior Faculty in Management Practice

Kozak rogo juliana 229x205 1
Dr Juliana Kozak-Rogo

Juliana teaches the Business Economics core modules for the Management Tripos and the MPhil in Management programmes. Students from both programmes have expressed their appreciation of her passion and teaching skills. This is evident from the teaching evaluation scores as well as the verbal feedback, where students wrote about how they enjoyed their learning experience in her dynamic lectures and through her excellent lecture materials.

Said one student:

“I really liked the fact that every topic on this course was linked to the decisions a manager would face in practice. Having never studied economics before, this sometimes made quite abstract concepts a lot easier to understand.“ 

MBA programme

Raghu Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance

Raghavendra Rau.
Professor Raghavendra Rau

Raghu consistently receives high feedback for the three courses he teaches for the MBA. 

Here are a few examples of the comments received from students who took his courses:

“His knowledge and interaction were amazing and so inspiring to understand better some difficult concepts.”

“Raghu is the best professor we had this term. He’s engaging, has great cases, and lets the students talk things out/debate each other in class. I would gladly take any class ran by him, as I feel confident the standard of teaching would be on par with this one.”

“Professor Raghu is full of passion in his class and always raises inspirational questions and concrete examples to help students understand complicated concepts.” 

David Stillwell, Professor of Computational Social Science

David Stillwell.
Professor David Stillwell

David teaches the Managing Big Data elective on the MBA. This is an extremely popular elective among students, so much so that it was vastly oversubscribed.  David has been extremely flexible in accommodating all students who wanted to take the elective by adding extra evening sessions so that the students could be taught in two groups. He also agreed to repeat the course in Easter Term to enable any other students who may have missed out. 

Feedback on this course is always very positive, with one student writing:

“What an amazingly insightful and FUN class. Thank you, David, for creating a space where I can learn and explore. All within a playful, engaging environment.” 

Executive MBA programme

Dr Patrizia Vecchi, Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour

Patrizia Vecchi.
Dr Patrizia Vecchi

Patrizia teaches Negotiation in the Executive MBA programme, and is also closely involved in other programmes focused on leadership and women in business.

The EMBA students remarked:

“Really enjoyed the negotiation exercises and the reading for the lectures… It taught negotiation from a perspective that everyone can gain something if negotiated properly.”

“The case studies and role plays were amazing! I also loved the way the materials were structured, presented, and taught! Learned a lot!”

“Outstanding teaching and teaching materials.”

“Very well coordinated and arranged. Easy to understand. This is the one module which made me feel very much that it finished too soon.” 

Master of Finance programme

Robert Wardrop, Management Practice Professor of Finance

Robert Wardrop.
Professor Robert Wardrop

Bob has been a superstar teacher since the start of his participation in the MFin. Students love his style, content, and advice. We are truly honoured to have him as part of the MFin faculty.

Among the student feedback:

“Everything about this module is great! The lectures are very active and stimulating. Professor Wardrop is very well experienced and passionate about the topics. The class discussions are very active and interesting.”

“Really liked Bob’s interaction with the class and his share of experience with us.”

“Very engaging lecturer – interesting to hear about real life case studies and experiences.”