Eno Mwamba: my Cambridge MFin experience.

Meet the class: Eno Mwamba – my Cambridge MFin experience

29 June 2022

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We spoke to Botswanan MFin student Eno Mwamba (MFin 2021) at the start of the Easter term and asked him about his experience on the Cambridge Master of Finance so far.

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We spoke to Botswanan MFin student Eno Mwamba (MFin 2021) at the start of the Easter term. Here he provides his thoughts on his experience on the Cambridge Master of Finance so far.

Eno Mwamba.
Eno Mwamba (MFin 2021)

What did you do before the Cambridge MFin?

Prior to the MFin I worked at Barclays for four years. I worked in the Corporate and Investment bank for two years and the remaining two years I spent in Wealth Management. I then left Barclays to join an environmental start-up where I was responsible for fundraising and I raised £1.1million, then I joined Cambridge.

What were your reasons for applying to the Cambridge MFin?

I had many friends who attended Cambridge, so I really liked the people here. I also had attended an information session for the MFin in 2017 so always had the MFin at the back of my mind. However, what attracted me most was the rankings of the Cambridge MFin programme. I am incredibly ambitious and to study at the best Master of Finance programme in the world is why I only applied to Cambridge and nowhere else. Cambridge as an academic institution also needs no introduction, and the prestige and calibre of people attracted to a place like Cambridge was another major attraction.

What has been your highlight on the programme so far?

Honestly, as cliched as it must sound, it would be getting my offer from Mckinsey to join the London office. The reason why this is such a highlight is because it is literally the accumulation of everything I wanted out of Cambridge. I had a network of Cambridge students who all helped me prepare for the interviews. I reached out to MFin alumni working in consulting who shared tips with me, and I had the good wishes of all my classmates. When I got the offer, it felt like such a collective achievement and that for me was special and will always remain a life highlight!

What has been your favourite part of College life?

I am a member of Pembroke College and am the treasurer of the Pembroke May Ball Committee where I oversee a substantial budget to throw one big party. I am one of the MFin Class Ambassadors, and I am also the Events Officer for my College, Pembroke. I’ve also joined the rowing and football teams and I am a member of the Cambridge Union and CUCA. My favourite part of College life is certainly the formals and balls. I do not think I have ever worn black tie so much in my life, and I absolutely love it!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining the MFin?

If you are thinking about applying to the MFin, my advice is don’t hesitate! Just apply and take it from there. The MFin is an incredible springboard to go into anything you want to do. I came to the MFin looking to start my own business but was also open to a career in consulting. I landed an Associate position at Mckinsey, and this was largely due to the help I got from the Careers Team, the introductions I got to MFin alumni and the help they provided me. Therefore, I can personally vouch that the MFin is not just an incredible experience but also a very good investment!

Is there anything else you’ve enjoyed about your time in Cambridge so far?

Cambridge as a town is really nice, but my favourite aspect of it is the College life. I love going to the College bars and meeting up with my classmates. From playing football, to watching football, and of course studying together, it’s collegiate and the people are incredibly friendly and smart!