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Cambridge Judge Professor named in talented young professors list

2 August 2023

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Professor David Stillwell of Cambridge Judge Business School is named by business-school publication Poets & Quants to its 40 Under 40 list of talented young professors teaching in MBA programmes around the world.

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David Stillwell, Professor of Computational Social Science at Cambridge Judge Business School, was named by the business school publication ‘Poets & Quants’ to its 40 Under 40 list of talented professors under the age of 40. David’s teaching and research often focuses on psychometrics and using big data to understand psychology. 

Now in its 11th edition, the goal of the 40 Under 40 recognition is “to identify and celebrate the most talented young professors currently teaching in MBA programs around the world,” says ‘Poets & Quants’. 

What makes Professor David Stillwell stand out?

Asked what makes him stand out as a teacher, David told the publication: “One of my roles at Cambridge Judge is as Academic Director of its Psychometrics Centre. We’re a small team of 10 who blend academic research with commercial consultancy on psychometric testing. Our consultancy work gives me exposure to working with clients and delivering on commercial projects under pressure like my MBA students do. By leading the research team, I also have experience of the challenges and rewards that managing a team of people involves.” 

Asked to describe his favourite type of student, David said: “The nodder. The student who is engaged in class and expresses it through their body language. They nod when you say something that makes sense, they smile when someone says something amusing, or they frown when you’re being confusing. This type of student is so valuable when teaching as a way to keep the pulse of how the class is following so you can adjust as you go.”

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Exposure to higher levels of human infectious diseases is linked to conservative (Republican) voting tendencies in America but the association weakens over time, finds study co-authored by Professor David Stillwell of Cambridge Judge Business School.

David Stillwell

From Big Data to AI and recently featured in Poets and Quants Best 40 under 40 MBA Professors, we meet David Stillwell, Professor of Computational Social Science at Cambridge Judge and Academic Director of the CJBS Psychometrics Centre. This article is part of our MBA Faculty Spotlight series.…

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