EMBA alumni Nofel Izz, Nasser Ahmed and Cristina Savian.

Three Cambridge EMBA alumni set to disrupt the talent recruitment industry

11 December 2023

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In September 2023, 3 Cambridge Judge Executive MBA alumni – Nofel Izz, Nasser Ahmed and Cristina Savian (all EMBA 2016) – joined forces on Resume Inc, a pioneer in the AI-driven resume building and CV marketplace. Resume has secured a landmark $2.6 million grant from the Bahrain Government. This achievement, coupled with the company’s active pursuit of an additional $1.5 million in investment, marks a pivotal moment in Resume Inc’s journey to redefine the job search experience with cutting-edge technology.

Nasser, Nofel and Cristina first met 7 years ago in 2016 on the EMBA programme at Cambridge Judge, when honing their skills and abilities in the throes of their Business School learning. This experience cemented a friendship that outlasted their time in Cambridge, despite all 3 embarking on different career paths: Cristina in Melbourne, Nasser in Dubai and Nofel in Los Angeles, each carving out a distinctive trajectory within their respective industries.

Years later, all 3 had moved to Dubai and reconnected on a rooftop overlooking the Palm Jumeirah during a CJBS Connects event. The special spark that was first ignited when studying together on the Executive MBA was rekindled and they were inspired to work together on Resume Inc, now at the forefront of AI in resume creation and CV marketplaces and committed to revolutionising the job search process.

It was our innate chemistry that seamlessly translated into the conceptualisation of Resume Inc.

Nofel Izz (Executive MBA 2016)

The 3 alumni brought to Resume Inc what they had learned from the classroom setting, igniting a camaraderie forged through shared experiences and a profound respect for each other’s professional prowess. As they navigate their new start-up assignments, the bond and mutual admiration have blossomed and fuelled their collective ambition to excel and make a substantive impact within the talent recruitment industry.

Nasser, renowned for his tenure as a leader at Google Cloud services for the MENA region, brings his invaluable expertise to Resume Inc as the Chief Technology Officer. His deep-rooted understanding of cutting-edge technology and exponential growth strategies is poised to elevate Resume Inc’s capabilities, making it a trailblazer in revolutionising the resume and job solutions domain.

Nasser says: “Having a chance to work with Nofel and Cristina again on a real startup was not a difficult decision. The Cambridge Judge programme brought us together, and tapping back into that energy was a no-brainer. The combined power of our networks and experience is a real recipe for success. Resume Inc really solves a distinct need in the market at the moment, and we are well positioned to raise the money we need to propel this idea forward in a short space of time.”

Equipping job seekers with the resources to craft impactful resumes

Cristina, the President and Chief Marketing Officer, injects her wealth of experience from the software solutions realm, positioning herself as an industry authority in catering to the needs of major developers.

Cristina comments, “I am deeply driven to create positive change in the world and working alongside exceptional individuals, such as Nofel and Nasser, whom I deeply admire, is a powerful blessing. I believe that the talent recruitment industry needs significant disruption. Resume Inc has all the resources and capabilities to accomplish this by fostering transparency and trust between job seekers and recruiters, removing biases, and ensuring equal opportunities for all.”

The grant awarded by the Bahrain Government is a testament to the confidence that Resume Inc inspires, and it propels the company into a new era of growth and innovation. It underscores the government’s commitment to advancing employment opportunities and recognises Resume Inc’s pivotal role in this transformation. The infusion of these funds is key for enhancing the platform’s technological prowess, broadening its international footprint, and fostering innovation that promises equal opportunities for job seekers globally.

Nofel, the CEO and founder of Resume Inc, reflects on this milestone: “Receiving this generous $2.6 million grant from the Bahrain Government is not only an honour but a reinforcement of our unwavering dedication to global job seekers. This support, together with our efforts to garner an additional $1.5 million investment, is a catalyst for accelerating our platform’s development and enriching the overall user experience. We are poised to redefine the job search process, helping candidates excel in today’s dynamic job market.”

A platform that levels the playing field for all candidates

Resume Inc leverages advanced algorithms, personalised insights, and innovative tools to set new standards in the industry. The company’s vision is deeply rooted in promoting fairness and eliminating biases in recruitment, ensuring transparency, trust, and equitable chances for all candidates.

The strategic utilisation of the Bahrain Government grant and the anticipated $1.5 million investment will solidify Resume Inc’s position as a global frontrunner in AI-assisted resume-building and CV marketplace solutions. These funds will be directed towards enhancing the platform’s features, expanding its reach, and cultivating a more inclusive job market, empowering job seekers with indispensable tools for success.

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