Thomas Roulet.

Cambridge professor named to World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders

10 April 2024

The article at a glance

Thomas Roulet, Professor of Organisational Sociology and Leadership at Cambridge Judge Business School, is named to the Young Global Leaders Class of 2024 by the World Economic Forum as part of the next generation of changemakers.

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The annual list by the World Economic Forum of “the world’s most promising leaders under 40” is comprised of a “community of individuals committed to deriving positive change and supporting them in tackling the world’s most pressing problems,” says the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Young leaders challenging global issues to make a difference

The list of Young Global Leaders comprises a “diverse group of leaders hailing from backgrounds ranging from Bollywood to the Paralympics. Each brings a wealth of unique perspectives and skills — while all sharing a common aspiration to make a difference in their respective domains,” adds the Geneva-based organisation. 

A focus on well-being and the future of work

The citation for Thomas says his work “revolves around stigma and contestation, mental health and the future of work.” 

“According to Roulet, leadership in 2024 will ‘need to be based on individualised consideration and adapted to the needs of their followers. For example, research shows that hybrid work policies must be adapted to individual requirements to maximise well-being and productivity instead of being applied rigidly.   “‘One related focus for leaders is mental health: we are going through geopolitical and technological turbulence. Individuals in organisations are asked to adapt permanently, giving them a sense of insecurity and pressure. Leaders who show compassion and understanding will help their organisations fare much better in this context.’”