Colombia to Cambridge: my Master of Finance experience

2 April 2024

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We hear from Colombian student Pablo Cadavid on his journey to Cambridge, the highlights of his MFin experience so far, and how he hopes to inspire future Latin American students to follow in his footsteps.

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My sector and role before I joined the Cambridge Master of Finance

Before pursuing the Cambridge MFin, I worked in commercial banking, specifically in the corporate banking unit. My experience includes roles at Grupo Bancolombia, a prominent financial group with a significant presence in Colombia and Latin America. Listed on the NYSE, the bank is recognised as an important player in the regional financial landscape.

In my most recent position, I was the Product Owner for the Debt Market Strategy, a multifaceted approach to Credit Portfolio Management involving structured finance and capital market initiatives.

Why I decided to apply for the MFin at Cambridge

I applied to the Cambridge MFin to deepen my financial knowledge and skills while seeking to broaden my professional network. The programme’s comprehensive curriculum offered a foundational and practical education approach with a detailed focus on areas of personal interest, such as corporate finance and private equity.

Furthermore, engaging with a diverse pool of top-quality professionals and academics was particularly appealing, promising the opportunity to build rewarding connections. Finally, becoming part of the University’s vibrant life and heritage offered a unique personal and professional growth setting.

The close-knit cohort of the MFin

The friendships I’ve established have been one of the main highlights of the programme so far. Coming from various backgrounds, the cohort environment is the perfect place to nurture intellectual growth and personal development. How much we can learn from one another’s experiences and perspectives is incredible.

My favourite part of College life

I am a member of Downing College, and my favourite part has been blending traditional Cambridge experiences, such as formal dinners, with meeting people from diverse cultural and knowledge backgrounds. Cambridge’s tradition of fostering solid communities has allowed me to create strong relationships that have made the whole experience exceptionally rewarding.

The learning experience at Cambridge Judge

The exceptional quality of teaching and educational materials provided by the School. The way knowledge is imparted is distinctive and sets Cambridge apart. I had high expectations, but they’ve been pleasantly exceeded.

Furthermore, activities such as the Group Consulting Project highlight the programme’s commitment to practical learning, offering a unique opportunity to tackle real finance issues within an actual industry setting. This hands-on experience is invaluable, ensuring that students are theoretically knowledgeable and practically competent, and able to navigate and contribute to the finance industry effectively upon graduation.

The benefits of being a part of the Cambridge community

Being a part of the Cambridge community offers unique benefits, fostering a blend of tradition and entertainment.

For example, being a Cambridge University Yachting Club member has allowed me to experience the thrill of sailing while making new friends. This exemplifies how student societies allow for exploring diverse interests and passions, from academic and professional to cultural and recreational. This is simply a part of a robust environment that encourages exchanging ideas and building a global network.

How receiving a Master of Finance scholarship impacted me

Receiving the MFin Latin America Scholarship* is an honour and signifies trust, engagement, and support from the School. It places a level of responsibility on me to represent Cambridge to the Latin American community.

Furthermore, it underscores Cambridge’s commitment to cultural diversity and its reputation for welcoming students worldwide.

Advice I’d give to those considering the Master of Finance at Cambridge

My advice to prospective students would be to enjoy the journey. While we all have ambitions, and the MFin may be a step towards furthering academic and professional careers, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the joy in each step of the process, as it’s likely to be one of the most enriching experiences of your life.

*The MFin Latin America scholarship was relaunched in 2024 as the MFin Regional Scholarship.

Pablo Cadavid.

About the blog author

Pablo joined the Cambridge MFin with extensive experience in the corporate and commercial banking sectors, having specialised in debt market management and credit portfolio management.

He holds a bachelors degree in International Business from Universidad EAFIT in Colombia and is the recipient of the MFin Latin America Scholarship.