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Global mobility for our most recent MBA graduates

12 April 2024

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The recently released Cambridge MBA Employment Report 2024 celebrates how our graduates can adapt to change and pivot in a challenging employment landscape, seeking new sectors and new roles, in new countries, taking their MBA skills across the globe and driving their career forward.

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Global mobility

Cinthia Passos Maia.
Cínthia Passos Maia (MBA 2022)

Ninety-seven per cent of our most recent graduates switched either country, function or role.

Our graduates, in choosing to study for an MBA, are looking at the career mobility it offers after graduation.

Alumni from across the Cambridge Judge community are to be found in 147 countries, with over 12,000 alumni from 140 nationalities.

For Brazilian graduate, Cínthia Passos Maia, it was exactly this network that was the attractive feature of the Cambridge MBA, “It was the diversity on the Cambridge MBA programme that attracted me – there were 46 different nationalities in my cohort.”

At the very start of her MBA year Cínthia said, “In these first weeks I have already learnt a lot from my colleagues. What most excites me is knowing I will always have different and global perspectives on business.”

Her MBA experience also opened up opportunities around the world for her career, “As part of the MBA Global Consulting Project we were working for a real company. It is wonderful to have the chance to try things out in a safe environment and still deliver value to our client. I could travel as part of my GCP to explore alternatives for the client to increase its visibility in the target region, which is an invaluable experience within the Cambridge MBA and a differential for my professional development as a global leader.”

After her MBA, Cínthia took a role in the UK, in London, consulting for the global firm Boston Consulting Group.

Cheryl Evangeline Theixar.
Cheryl Theixar (MBA 2022)

Cheryl Theixar, from Indonesia, who had been working for Shopee, in Jakarta, as Business Development Manager before choosing to do an MBA, was also looking for international diversity and the opportunity to learn from other global citizens.

“I was looking for an international exposure, even though I have lived abroad in Singapore as well as the United States before. But I have never seen a more diverse environment than the diversity I experienced in Cambridge. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to learn from and share my own knowledge with people from so many different countries.”

After the MBA, Cheryl took a role with Standard Chartered Bank, as Director, Treasury Risk, based in their London headquarters.

Switching location

Thirty-one is the number of countries where jobs have been taken, in our most recent Employment Report 2024. Sixty-one per cent of those reporting career outcomes switched country, with 63% of those who switched moving to the UK for their next role. While 39% returned to their pre-MBA country.

Taylor Golden.
Taylor Golden (MBA 2022)

Cambridge Judge Head of Careers, Sadia Cuthbert says, “Our MBA 2022 class are now working in 31 countries around the globe, with 97% of the class achieving a switch of function, industry, or country, and 43% achieving all 3. Of the students who switched countries from pre-MBA roles, 63% are continuing their careers in the UK.”

For Taylor Golden, moving from the USA to the UK was all about the credibility and qualifications she would need for her next career move, “What attracted me to an MBA, what really drove me to make this jump across the pond, was a need for the credentials, I needed the credibility. During my MBA year I really honed in on what I love, which is process and flow and operations. After my MBA, I now have a greater sense of what value that brings in the business world and the value these skills have to a future employer.”

Now working for Gobeyond, as a Senior Consultant, Taylor divides her time between Cambridge and London.

Lee Ing Shern.
Ing Shern (Dexter) Lee (MBA 2022)

Ing Shern (Dexter) Lee, prior to the MBA, was based in Malaysia, working across the Asia Pacific region as Business Development Manager for the CCPA Group.  

“I wanted more diversity and to experience various business topics across different industries. This MBA allowed me to reflect and draw from diverse perspectives from the very diverse Cambridge Judge cohort.” He continues, “I also wanted to bridge the skill gaps required to achieve my career goals, for example with the unique consulting opportunities offered during the Cambridge MBA, such as the Global Consulting Project and Cambridge Venture Project.”

He concludes, “I wanted to enrich my life experience by leaving my comfort zone, living abroad, and contributing to the broader collegiate community at the University of Cambridge.”

Dexter is now Product Manager for a specialty ingredient company supplying agriculture and animal sectors, moving to Singapore for the role.

MBAs making the triple switch

Yik Kho.
Jordan Kho (MBA 2022)

Forty-three per cent of our students made the famous ‘triple switch’. Jordan Kho, switched to the UK, also switching roles and sector, having worked in the telecoms industry in Malaysia previously, as Head of Business and Strategy. Now with his MBA, transitioning into a role as Senior Consultant at Gobeyond, in London.

“The Careers Team at Cambridge Judge has helped me secure a senior consultant role in London. I came into the MBA knowing that I wanted to get into consulting, and I got the triple jump that I wanted.”

Also making the triple jump is Chase la Rosa, from the USA, a former Naval Submarine Officer and Military Scholarship recipient for class of 2022,

“Starting my MBA, I was excited to get out there and begin a new career path, and the MBA at Cambridge Judge allowed me to do that sooner.

“There was also an obvious international presence at Cambridge, and a huge diversity of different experiences and personal stories.

Chase La Rosa.
Chase la Rosa (MBA 2022)

“I had seen that in American universities military veterans had their shared story and tended to stick together, but I wanted to avoid that.

“At Cambridge, where there is so clearly no common path to business school, I was excited to contribute to the list of individual experiences and be part of such a rich diverse cohort.”

Chase relocated to Dubai, UAE, after graduating to take up the position of Associate at the global consulting firm, Kearney, switching sector, role and location after his MBA.

Ye Min Oo, moved from Myanmar to the UK to study for his MBA.

“Coming from an entrepreneurial background in the healthcare and agriculture sector in my home country of Myanmar, I had sustained my businesses through a turbulent period of both the COVID-19 pandemic and political crisis.

Ye Min.
Ye Min Oo (MBA 2022)

He continues, “Having gone through these experiences, I realised that it was time to equip myself with further skills and build a greater network and expand internationally. The MBA presented the perfect fit for me at that point in my career.”

Now working for McKinsey and Company as an Associate, in their London office, Ye Min concludes, “I came into the MBA with an open mind about how this journey might pivot my career.

“I wanted to broaden my global perspective and improve my management skills, as well as expand my network.”

Global perspective on the Employment Report for 2024

Cambridge Judge Head of Careers, Sadia Cuthbert, concludes, “Overall, while the recruitment landscape may have been challenging, our MBA students’ success in securing employment and navigating career transitions, reflects positively on their abilities and the quality of education and support they receive at Cambridge Judge Business School.  

She continues, “We are delighted that the MBA class of 2022 have taken great strides in this difficult market towards fulfilling roles to launch their post-MBA careers. We are proud of their career transitions and all their achievements and hard work, and we look forward to following their careers in the future.”

Sadia Cuthbert, Cambridge Judge Head of Careers image

We are delighted that the MBA class of 2022 have taken great strides in this difficult market towards fulfilling roles to launch their post-MBA careers. We are proud of their career transitions and all their achievements and hard work, and we look forward to following their careers in the future.

Sadia Cuthbert, Cambridge Judge Head of Careers

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Employment report on screen.

I was looking for international exposure, but I have never seen a more diverse environment than the diversity I experienced at Cambridge.

Cheryl Theixar, Standard Chartered

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