New programme develops entrepreneurial mindset at KPMG

24 May 2024

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Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education and KPMG Private Enterprise have collaborated to design and deliver an innovative programme that promises to empower KPMG professionals with the skills needed to explore the vast landscape of the private enterprise ecosystem. 

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This collaboration, known as the KPMG Cambridge Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme, pairs theoretical insights from Cambridge academics with practical knowledge from KPMG professionals. It covers various topics related to private businesses, including life cycle stages, challenges, and opportunities. 

We are delighted to have collaborated with KPMG Private Enterprise on this programme.  As a leading business school, we are dedicated to delivering a first-class programme experience, sharing evidence-based practices, and making a real impact on our clients. Our goal is to ensure that the programme provides tangible results for KPMG Private Enterprise advisors, empowering them to navigate the strategic challenges faced by their clients.

Stelios Kavadias, Academic Programme Director, KPMG Cambridge Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme

At the heart of this collaboration is the commitment to custom programme design and the ability to craft tailored learning experiences.  Working directly with KMPG Private Enterprise on the design and delivery of the programme, the executive education team developed a unique learning journey to address the challenges faced by KPMG Private Enterprise’s clients and provide them with the skills and knowledge to guide their clients through every phase of their business lifecycle. 

The programme is a collaboration between KPMG Private Enterprise and Cambridge academics. Bringing the best of both; our market facing skills and the academic insight from Cambridge Judge Business School, around how we prepare our practitioners to operate in a superior way in the entrepreneurial market. By gaining insights into the life cycles of private businesses, understanding what drives entrepreneurs and the way they make decisions, this programme will help us engage with our clients and future clients in a superior way.

Mike Linter, Global Head, Private Enterprise Tax and Partner KPMG in the UK

The Cambridge Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme has been designed so it is not just educational but delivers a transformative experience. Taught by Professor Stelios Kavadias, it has been designed to encourage collaboration between KPMG experts and clients who are leading the way in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The programme utilises strategic tools and frameworks, to enhance understanding of the private enterprise lifecycle, support emerging business models, and facilitate ongoing engagement with clients.

As KPMG Private Enterprise advisors engage with the programme, they will not only enhance their capabilities but by putting the frameworks into play, it will also contribute to providing better insights and knowledge for their clients and establish KPMG as a leading brand for private enterprises at the global level.  

KMPG: Cambridge Entrepreneurial Mindset Programme

A transformative learning experience, tailored to KPMG Private Enterprise adivors.

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