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Forging global alliances: the 2024 Cambridge Africa Business Conference

7 May 2024

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The 18 May conference focused this year on forging global alliances for sustainable growth marks the return of the conference to Cambridge Judge Business School for the first time since 2019.

For the first time since 2019, the Cambridge Africa Business Conference will be hosted at Cambridge Judge Business School. The conference on 18 May is organised and led by the Cambridge Africa Business Network (CABN), a Cambridge Judge alumni- and student-led initiative to promote networking and dialogue about business in Africa. 

The mission of CABN is to stimulate a robust dialogue about business, investment and entrepreneurship in Africa, incorporating both practitioner and academic perspectives. 

This year’s conference theme – “Kujenga Africa – Forging Global Alliances” – focuses on the importance of collaboration in championing sustainable growth and development.  

Why overcoming challenges is key to maximising Africa’s economic potential 

Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and a rapidly expanding consumer market. However, the continent still faces significant challenges related to poverty, infrastructure deficits, lack of access to healthcare and education, and more. Overcoming these hurdles will require mobilising resources, expertise, and coordinated action on a global scale. 

The organisers are bringing together some of the continent’s brightest minds in entrepreneurship, finance, technology, and the creative industries to dissect the opportunities that can emerge when we work together. From investors who were first movers in the continent’s industrial powerhouses and unicorns to the commercial minds taking Afrobeats to the world, they have convened an inspiring set of distinguished speakers who will provide thought-provoking insights on the African business ecosystem. 

Big growth opportunities to be explored at the conference 

Toyosi Oni, Co-Chair of CABN and Class of 2023/24 MBA student image

At Cambridge Judge Business School, I am the Co-Chair of the Cambridge Africa Business Network, a role that I am extremely passionate about. This might be because it’s the continent that I call home or from a strictly professional angle. My experience as an investment professional analysing African markets for nearly a decade has opened my eyes to its massive growth opportunities, despite the challenges. Whatever the explanation is, I am glad to share this sentiment with a group of remarkable and driven classmates.

Toyosi Oni, Co-Chair of CABN and Class of 2023/24 MBA student

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