Access for people with disabilities


Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
United Kingdom

General enquiries

Tel: +44 (0)1223 339700

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Old Addenbrooke’s Hospital (main building), fully converted in 1996. Very good access, despite being a listed building.

Simon Sainsbury Centre (SSC). Opened 2017 and has excellent accessibility provision.

Keynes House. Modifications have produced a good level of accessibility.

The three buildings on the main site are interconnected at several levels by flat corridors or a shallow-raked ramp.

All new members are given an induction pack and tour, but please ask if you may need longer to familiarise yourself with the building and facilities.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs welcome.


No smoking anywhere in the buildings.

Medical facilities

Seven first aiders in the buildings, and more in neighbouring departments.

Emergency procedures

Evacuation chairs fitted in the Addenbrooke’s Building and Keynes House. Lifts in the Simon Sainsbury Centre are designed for use in emergencies and lift lobbies have refuge points with two-way communication links.

Report to Reception by calling 39700 if you will need help evacuating in an emergency.

Physical access


Level access to main entrance through wide, heavy, manual door. Regular disabled users can be issued an access card to mechanically operate this and certain other doors across the site. Ask at Reception for details. Low counter at reception. Wheelchair users can access the rear of the reception desks should a knee recess be required.

Number of floors

Six floors in total, including ground floor.

Lifts and stairs

Addenbrooke’s Building: two large lifts to all floors. All stairs have handrails, although those on the central staircases are rather awkward.

Simon Sainsbury Centre: two large lifts to all floors. All stairs have handrails.

Keynes House: one lift to all floors. Stairs have handrails.

Corridors connecting the three buildings are flat.

Lecture theatres

Addenbrooke’s Building: three lecture theatres, all with level access to front (with powered access doors) and back via lift. Tiered padded fold-down seating. Seats can be removed if necessary. in LT1 and LT2 to accommodate wheelchair users. LT3 has spaces for wheelchair users on the front row.

Simon Sainsbury Centre: two lecture theatres on the Ground Floor. Both have two spaces for wheelchair users on the front row and powered access doors.

Seminar/teaching rooms

Seminar and meeting rooms, all with level access from lift, and all spacious, with moveable furniture.


Ground and mezzanine level (Addenbrooke’s Building). Ground floor entrance with automatic doors, with access to mezzanine by external lift or stairs with handrails. Mezzanine has manually-operated doors. Please ask library staff to enable access to the mezzanine if required. Spacious, with plenty of workspace inside including two height adjustable desks.

Computer facilities

Computer laboratory on ground floor of the Addenbrooke’s Building. Level and accessible, with moveable chairs. Wireless Internet throughout the buildings, with guest access on request – contact the IT Help Desk on 61700.


Addenbrooke’s Building: three disabled toilets in total, one on the ground floor adjacent to Reception, one in the second floor link to the Simon Sainsbury Centre and one on the south staircase third floor adjacent to the lift. Other toilets are large and spacious.

Simon Sainsbury Centre: wheelchair accessible toilets are located adjacent to toilet blocks on all floors.

Additional enlarged cubicles with grab-rails and outward opening doors have been provided for ambulant users in all toilet blocks.

Keynes House: disabled toilet/shower room on the first floor (no alarm).

Common rooms

Addenbrooke’s Building: Common Room with staffed coffee bar on second floor. Spacious, with moveable chairs and tables, mostly of good height.

Simon Sainsbury Centre: second floor Dining Room, serving breakfast (in term time) and lunch. Moveable furniture. Counter heights and knee recesses have been provided in the kitchenettes on the third and fourth floors. 


Some teaching takes place in Mill Lane lecture rooms. Please advise well in advance if this might be a problem.


Cambridge Judge Business School
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

Tel: +44 (0)1223 339700

[email protected]

Access issues

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Technology issues

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Library issues

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Cambridge Judge Business School is located on the Old Addenbrooke’s Site, a 10-minute walk from the city centre. Entrances off Trumpington Street and Tennis Court Road. Peterhouse, Christ’s, Downing, Corpus Christi and St Catharine’s Colleges are all nearby.


Trumpington Street is very busy with traffic in both directions, particularly at peak times. Pavements are uneven, and there are dangerous open drainage ditches on either side of the street. Few safe crossing places, and dangerous junctions at either end.

Services and shops

City centre. There are a few small shops and restaurants on Trumpington Street.


No car park as such, and parking is very difficult. Call in advance for advice on short-term parking. Drop off is possible at the front of the building on Trumpington Street and at the back of the building, on Tennis Court Road. There are disabled parking bays available for blue badge holders – please call in advance for availability of these.

Other transport options

Route U bus stop on Trumpington Street. This service runs between Eddington and Addenbrooke’s via the city centre and the two railway stations.

Computer facilities

Some scanners and speaking software available – speak to the IT Team. Other hardware or software could be acquired if necessary.

Large print, braille and audio

Large print information on prior request. Touch readable buttons and audio information in lift.

Library and magnification equipment

Many photocopiers around building for text enlargement.

Signs and wayfinding

Very little external or directional signposting. The buildings are large, and can be confusing. Small map of each floor outside lifts. Temporary signs are in place for conferences and workshops. Current and forthcoming lectures, seminars etc. are displayed on several wall-mounted screens on ground and second floors indicating timing and room number.


  • Contrasting colours throughout building, as part of the design.
  • Good lighting, with large windows in most areas. Individual desk lights can be provided if necessary.
  • Lecture rooms have large screens and video links.

Induction loops

Induction loops fitted in all lecture theatres, four seminar rooms in the Simon Sainsbury Centre and at the Library desk.


  • Vibrating alarms can be provided. Flashing light fire alarms in lecture theatres.
  • Addenbrooke’s Building is open plan and rather echoey, with a marble floor and harsh furnishings.
  • Individual offices, rooms and lecture theatres are mostly carpeted and fairly quiet.

Arrangements for members with specific learning difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Disability Resource Centre. Discuss your needs with the Disability Liaison Officer.