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Interested in getting in contact with fellow alumni? We have alumni groups in over 30 countries. Whether you want to participate in local events or get in contact with alumni while you are traveling abroad, we have volunteer group leaders that will help you connect.

If you do not see a country or city you are interested in getting involved with listed, we'd love to hear from you, we are always looking for new group leaders and interested alumni to help us build our global community. We have created a toolkit to tell you all you need to know about running a group. If you have any questions please email

View the toolkit

The Australian flag


Contact: Arif Aghayev (MBA 2011)

Costa Rica

Central America: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Guatemala

Contact: Julian Trussart (PGDE 2014)

The Chilean flag

Chile: Santiago

Contact: Miguel Cardenas Heresi (MFin 2011) (via the CJBS Alumni Relations Team)

The Chinese flag

China: Beijing

Contact: Eric Xu (MBA 2015)

The Chinese flag

China: Shanghai

Contact: Eric Xu (MBA 2015)

Czech flag

Czech Republic: Prague

Contact: David Anthony Procházka (PGDE 2014)

French flag

France: Paris

Contact: Ambroise Fargère (MPhil Technology Policy 2011)

German flag

Germany: Munich

Contact: David Benkelberg (MBA 2005) 

Greece flag

Greece: Athens

Contact: Ismini Papacharalampous (MBA 2015)

The Hong Kong flag

Hong Kong

Contact: Kapil Kirpalani (ALP 2010)

The Indian flag

India: Hyderabad

Contact: Sai Indugula (EMBA 2011)

Indonesia flag


Contact: Jay Singgih (GMP 2016)

The Japanese flag

Japan: Tokyo

Contact: Hideki Yamamoto (MBA 2007)

Jordanian flag

Jordan: Amman

Contact: Sami Masannat (EMBA 2014)

Malaysia flag

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

Contact: Max Purser (MBA 2001)

New Zealand
Polish flag

Poland: Warsaw

Contact: Matthias Kadnar (PGDE 2016)

The Russian flag

Russia: Moscow

Contact: Peter Prabhu (MPhil Management Studies 1991)

CJBS Alumni in Russia

Russian Alumni in Business

The Singaporean flag


Contact: Wei Yang Lim (MPhil Management 2011)

The South Korean flag

South Korea: Seoul

Contact: Ashley H J Lee (MBA 2012)

Cambridge MBA Alumni Community

The Spanish flag

Spain: Madrid

Contact: Ralph Smith - UoC Group (UoC - Corpus Christi 1982)

South Africa flag

South Africa: Johannesburg

Contact: Luke Alers (EMBA 2013) via LinkedIn or (via the CJBS Alumni Office)

The Thai flag

Thailand: Bangkok

Contact: Somboon Kulvisaechana (PhD)

United Arab Emirates flag

UAE: Dubai

Contact: Alumni Relations Team

The UK flag

UK: Cambridge

Contact: John Wingfield-Hill (MBA 2011) (via the CJBS Alumni Relations Team)

The UK flag

UK: London

Contact: Zafiris Vartis (MPhil Management Studies 2002)

The American flag

USA: Boston

Contact: Terence Yeo (MBA 2002)

The American flag

USA: Chicago

Contact: Sai Indugula (EMBA 2011)

The American flag

USA: Miami

Contact: Jasper Nelissen (MBA 2005)

The American flag

USA: New York

Contact: Liliana Parodi-Huml (EMBA 2012)