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CJBS Network is your exclusive portal for staying connected with the Business School, current students and alumni worldwide. You are in total control of what information is shared with the community and also have the option of synchronising your record with LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, please contact the Data Team.

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CJBS Network

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Membership of your alumni portal, the CJBS Network, is exclusively limited to alumni, associate alumni, current students and staff of Cambridge Judge Business School.


Each user has a personal profile which provides complete control over what is displayed to other users of the portal. For example, you can control if other users can see your email address. You can add your career history and update it manually or synchronise it with your LinkedIn account. For example, your home or business addresses will not be visible but you can choose whether or not to display your email address.


The directory allows you to search for and connect with other users of the portal. You can find people by name, programme studied at CJBS, matriculation year, company or industry sector, and there is a helpful interactive map that allows you to find people based on location – city or country.

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This feature allows you to share updates to your record with the Alumni & External Engagement Data Team. However, we do prefer that you use our Online Personal Information form to provide updates.

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Email for life account

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The CJBS Network provides you with the option of setting up an associated cjbs.net email for life account which demonstrates a clear connection to the CJBS community even after you graduate.

The cjbs.net email for life service provides qualifying members with a permanent email address that can be set up as studies at Cambridge Judge Business School begin and continues after you graduate. Please note that if you have full alumni status you are also entitled to an email for life account provided by the University of Cambridge.

The Business School sponsors the provision of an email for life account whilst you are studying at Cambridge Judge and also for qualifying associate alumni of Executive Education programmes for a 12 month period. This is a premium account and is POP, SMTP and IMAP compliant, offering access from mail clients and mobile devices. After the initial period, the service reverts to a free webmail account with 200 Mb of storage (not POP, SMTP and IMAP compliant) but you can upgrade it for a small annual fee.