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CJBS Celebrates: Worldwide 2015


Between 27 August and 21 September, we celebrated the School's global community with CJBS Celebrates Worldwide 2015. Alumni Groups from around the world came together and organised events to celebrate their connection to the School and all that it has accomplished. This year's CJBS Celebrates Worldwide event coincided with the School's 25th Anniversary, giving it particular uptake and meaning.

We are proud to say that we doubled the amount of events and participating Groups from last year's inaugural event to 20. We are also delighted to say that we had a Group participate on every continent (albeit not Antarctica for obvious reasons!) making it a truly global celebration indicative of the School's global reach.

Celebrations began in Sydney with a twilight cruise and continued to Singapore where alumni raised a glass. Alumni in Zurich celebrated with a river cruise and alumni in Vienna enjoyed a cricket game and barbeque. Alumni in Chile and Boston raised a glass to the School while a gala dinner in Hong Kong was held in the School's name. Alumni in New York, Dubai and Colombia enjoyed dinner with fellow alumni while alumni in Moscow shared a river cruise. Pubs were frequented by our alumni here in the UK for celebrations in Cambridge and London. Alumni in Tokyo even enjoyed a pub night to honour their UK connection. Alumni in Toronto, Beijing and Miami also raised a spirited glass to the School. The Alumni Group in Germany attended Oktoberfest in full spirit. Alumni celebrated in Lagos with dinner. The last event was in Paris where one final toast to celebrate was made in the name of CJBS; until next year of course.

Thank you to all of the alumni who organised events and to those who celebrated and attended. Your support and participation is much appreciated.

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