Anna Sophie Herken

Anna Sophie Herken

Programme: Cambridge Executive MBA 2011

Country: Germany

Company: Chief Financial Officer, Hasso Plattner Capital, HPC Germany GmbH

Previous experience: World Bank Inspection Panel, Office of the Secretary General

The programme has made me happy and confident in what I do.

Anna Sophie Herken

Learning about issues of relevance for the public sector

“I didn’t have a specific career move in mind but had a more public sector background and was interested in learning more about issues of relevance for the public sector. Since I was a lawyer I also wanted to understand business better… and thought it would be nice to understand every single article in the FT one day! The programme taught me a variety of subjects and helped me learn about subjects that I had previously thought very complicated, ie accounting and finance. Now I understand most of the fundamentals and even more of the issues that are relevant to business.”

The programme gave me the confidence

“While finishing the programme I got a new and great job as Managing Director of a company with about 120 employees. The programme also gave me the confidence to apply and accept such great responsibility. Last year I was also selected in my current role as being one of the top young German leaders in state and society.

“Most of all, the programme has made me happy and confident in what I do.”


A German and Swedish national, Anna Sophie is a lawyer, having studied in Germany, UK and France. Prior to undertaking the Cambridge Executive MBA she worked as Assistant Executive Secretary of the World Bank Inspection Panel in Washington DC and then as Principal Advisor at the Office of the Secretary General at EBRD in London.