Tatiana Goncharova

Tatiana Goncharova

Tatiana’s MBA learning journey

Cambridge Venture Project client | Algodynamics
Global Consulting Project client | Google
Concentration | Marketing
Extra-curricular activities | A.T. Kearney Case competition

Why the Cambridge MBA?

To re-assess my career priorities, meet like-minded people, benefit from the wider university community and expand my network.

How was your GCP experience?

I had an amazing team from Cambridge. Google was on top of my list as a future employer, and the GCP allowed me to get an experience of that company.

What inspired your career direction?

It gave me time to think, talk to people, meet all possible employers, and showed me a career beyond analytics. I never saw myself in consulting, but after MBA I thought of giving it a try and I don’t regret it!

Your plans for the next five years?

My husband and I are having a baby and moving to the US. Thus, next year I would be focusing on establishing my role in the US and building new client relationships. At this moment I see myself with my current employer for a few years for certain.

The Cambridge MBA in three words…

Wisdom, fun, network

Any advice to incoming students?

Take time and enjoy the programme. It will be finished before you know it. Take time to reflect, learn about yourself, and pursue a post-MBA role which inspires you.




Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Russia

Pre-MBA role

Manager, American Express

Current role

Regional Lead, Americas, Proposition and Customer Experience, at A.T. Kearney


United States