Mithun Srivatsa

Mithun’s MBA learning journey

Cambridge Venture Project client | Video conferencing company
Global Consulting Project client | Google
Concentration | Strategy and Marketing
Extra-curricular activities | TEDxOxbridge Speaker Lead

Why the Cambridge MBA?

For me, the Cambridge MBA programme had the right combination of a collaborative culture, diversity, a suitable age group for me, and the prestige of the business school.

How was your GCP experience?

Our project with Google was excellent. We worked with Google’s Business Development team on a very interesting project which allowed us to travel to East Europe and network with some key influencers. Meeting all the entrepreneurs during the GCP indirectly inspired my entrepreneurship decision.

What inspired your career direction?

The Cambridge MBA gave me a diverse cohort and I enjoyed building a close-knit network with my class. I had passionate peers who actually helped me introspect on what I should do post-MBA. I completely changed my planned career path right at the end of my Cambridge MBA.

Your plans for the next five years?

I want to scale up my startup Blowhorn to new heights.

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The Cambridge MBA in three words…

Collaborative, influential, confidence-building.

Any advice to incoming students?

The real value of the Cambridge MBA starts coming through immediately for some students and much later for the rest. What my classmates agree on is that we have benefited immensely from the Cambridge network and brand at some point in our lives. Also, be open to new career paths that you discover during your Cambridge MBA. Some of my peers had clear plans coming in but changed their paths completely by the end of the programme. Most were very successful in their new paths.




Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India

Pre-MBA role

Commercial Manager, APM Terminals

Current role

CEO, Blowhorn