Lingling Wu

Lingling’s MBA learning journey

Cambridge Venture Project client | Zalando
Global Consulting Project client | China CZBank
Concentration | Strategy and Marketing
Extra-curricular activities | I was part of a team that entered the Hult Prize

Why the Cambridge MBA?

Three reasons: the reputation of the University; the fact the programme was one year; and the diversity of the class.

How was your GCP experience?

I sourced the GCP myself and enjoyed working in a team with classmates from Canada, the US and Indonesia.

What inspired your career direction?

The Cambridge MBA improved my time management skills, and my global outlook. Most importantly, it transformed me from a specialist who only concentrated in finance, to a manager who is able to handle management tasks in a global company. For instance, I am in charge of operation management as well as global HR of my current company, and still participating in projects in the financial industry.

Your plans for the next five years?

I would like to keep working in my current company with the option of rotation, hopefully. I would also love to work in other countries other than the UK and China.

The Cambridge MBA in three words…

Inspiring, exhausting, fruitful.

Any advice to incoming students?

I would advise new students to join as many societies, projects and parties as possible – embrace the culture differences present as much as you can!




Durham University, United Kingdom

Pre-MBA role

General Manager, Financial Market Department, China CZ Bank

Current role/company

COO, Kylin Prime Group


United Kingdom