Monica Jenkins

Monica’s MBA learning journey

Cambridge Venture Project client: 360° Global Technologies
Global Consulting Project client: L’Óréal UK
Concentration: Strategy
Extra-curricular activities: I was part of the Latin American SIG and Luxury & Retail SIG.

Why the Cambridge MBA?

I have admired the Cambridge history and legacy for as long as I can remember and had set my goal of pursuing my masters degree at an institution with academic excellence as well as culture. Cambridge was undoubtedly the perfect place. Throughout my professional career, I had developed a clear sense of the direction I wanted to take and knew the next step for both my personal and professional growth was to strengthen my leadership and managerial skills. Upon reviewing various reputable UK institutions, I set my sights on Cambridge Judge Business School, since it offered the most well-rounded curriculum, diversity and, of course, its iconic setting.

How was your GCP experience?

My GCP experience with L’Óréal UK can be summed up as dynamic, challenging, and fun. My team was comprised of five members, all of us from very different backgrounds and with distinct skill sets, which proved to be eye-opening and taught me invaluable lessons regarding communication, working styles and viewpoints. On the client side, the L’Óréal UK team was very inclusive and interested in what we could bring to the table since day one. We were introduced to various teams across the company and presented with interesting data and challenges being faced. Furthermore, we had regular touch-points with the client, which greatly helped identify a clear direction and build a strong deliverable.

What inspired your career direction?

Although my passion revolves around Marketing, the MBA inspired me to immerse myself in all business areas – understanding and participating in the full product cycle, from operations and logistics to finance to the final product delivery planning and marketing. I found myself easily conversing and learning about the different departments, broadening my scope and skills. From lectures and classmates, I learned about areas I was unfamiliar with before and became aware of how much interest they sparked in me. This inspired me to join a company in which my position would be greatly valued and in which I could interact and learn as much as I wanted from diverse areas. That translated into a role at Kraft – a highly dynamic multinational company, in which I got to interact and learn from all departments on a daily basis.

Your plans for the next five years?

After my MBA, I took a role at Kraft Heinz Company as Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager for Central America, developing and aligning strategies for all brands across the region. It was my first time exploring the food and beverage industry and performing at a managerial level, and I learned invaluable lessons. I’ve now moved to an exciting role in Operations with UberEats. On a longer term, I plan on joining my family business, bringing in the knowledge and solid skill set I have acquired throughout my career at diverse companies and industries.

The Cambridge MBA in three words…

Enlightening, unique, amazing.

Any advice to incoming students?

My advice would be to enjoy and absorb as much you can – this will be one of the greatest years of your life. Open up to new adventures, challenging courses, and get to know as many people as you can. The Cambridge MBA is full of bright, interesting people from all nationalities and backgrounds, and getting to know their stories and insights will teach you just as much as the formal lectures do. I would also advise to make the most out of the amazing place you are in right now; Cambridge is full of life and history and it is a privilege to be living in a place where so much has happened to shape the way we live today. Finally, I would encourage incoming students to think and live outside the box – study, travel and build friendships that are set to last a lifetime.


Costa Rican


Babson College, USA

Pre-MBA role

Marketing Coordinator, Cargill

Current role

Restaurant Success & Analytics, Ops Manager, UberEats


Costa Rica