Xinhong Qin

Programme: MPhil Technology Policy 2011

Country: China

Company: Siemens China

I really appreciate the help I received from our lecturers and programme administrator during that one year's highly intensive programme. Thanks to their guidance and help in all aspects, I could focus on my studies, and fully utilise every resource from Cambridge.

Xinhong Qin

“With a background in electrical and electronic engineering, I came to Cambridge to enhance my knowledge skills in management, policy analysis and decision-making. The Technology Policy programme provided me with a chance to choose diverse courses from a wide range of topics in energy, manufacturing, IT, public policy, business strategy, etc.

“More importantly, at Cambridge I met a group of people who had similar backgrounds and interests to me; people who had been studying or working in nature, science or engineering for many years and were now aiming to explore a wider field in strategic or political areas in order to influence and change the world with technology but more than just technology.”


Prior to Cambridge, Xinhong received his joint bachelor’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China) and University of Birmingham (UK) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with 1st Class Honours. After graduating from Cambridge, he completed an internship in Accenture China, focusing on the Chinese energy market. He then joined Siemens China with responsibility for the business development of its industry sector.