Andre Kemp.

Programme: Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship 2017

Country: South Africa

Nationality: South African

Sector: Agritech and food entrepreneurship

A class of 80 entrepreneurs will inspire you but also take you out of your comfort zone simultaneously.

André Kemp, Founder, Pioneer Ventures

How did you benefit from the programme and how is it helping you today?

“Being an investor in entrepreneurial businesses, the programme assisted me to obtain a better understanding of the entrepreneurial thought process.

“By having access to 80 entrepreneurs for a 12-month period, I now better understand what problems they face, how an investor help solve it and what is important to the entrepreneur when they are approached by an investor.

“Being an entrepreneur is a tough job and who you select to partner with is extremely important to the success of your business. The programme has assisted me to be a better partner for the entrepreneurs.”


André Kemp is the founder of Pioneer Ventures. Pioneer Ventures acts as Pioneer Foods Group’s in-house venture capital fund that invests in nimble entrepreneurial brands. Pioneer Ventures was founded October 2018.

André is a qualified chartered accountant of South Africa which he achieved after three years as an intern at Deloitte in Cape Town South Africa. Following his internship, André joined Zeder Investments, an investor in food and agriculture in Africa, as an investment analyst. It was at Zeder where the idea of Pioneer Ventures originated and came to life while on the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship programme at Cambridge Judge Business School.

André believes that Pioneer Ventures would not have been able to go from idea to business within nine months if it was not for the Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship at the School. He mentioned that the access to quality professors, academic material and fellow entrepreneurs gave him a competitive advantage when he prepared his presentation to pitch the Pioneer Ventures idea to Pioneer Foods.