Keith Millican.

Programme: Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship 2017

Country: Scotland

Nationality: British

Sector: Productivity software and edtech

The high-quality programme combined with a cohort of 75 people with real, lived experience quickly moved grounded theory into practical application.

Keith Millican, COO, St Andrews Applied Research Limited

How did you benefit from the programme and how is it helping you today?

“In addition, to chairing my own startup companies, I work as Chief Operating Officer responsible for all the University of St Andrews’ spin-out and startup companies. I apply the learning from the programme and my cohort colleagues every single day!”


Keith is Chief Operating Officer of St Andrews Applied Research Limited, the University of St Andrews’ holding company for all its investments in spin-out and startup companies. He has specific responsibility for helping deliver the Entrepreneurial St Andrews theme of their new strategy.

Following a variety of roles in Audit and Corporate Finance with PwC and Lloyds Bank, he moved into industry where he held senior global management positions within the international packaging sector with Borden, Lawson Mardon Group and Alusuisse-Lonza Group. Other previous roles involved the reconstruction of two large private equity investments and developing, leading and delivering a transformational commercial culture change programme in a large public sector housing organisation in London.

Keith holds an Ma (Hons) in Accounting and is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered Director.