A Study of the Experiences of UK Mid-corporate Companies in Accessing and Working in the Emerging Asian Economies (CBR project)


Aims and objectives

UK Trade & Investment is funding this project, which studies UK mid-corporate companies’ experiences in accessing and working in the emerging Asian economies. This project examines some of the key factors that contribute to the success of selected major UK exporters in the emerging Asian economies and the barriers that UK mid-corporate companies face in trading with the emerging Asian economies. Research of this project will consist of a series of in-depth case study and statistical analysis comparing the exporters with the non-exporters.

Results and dissemination

In June 2006, UKTI published the CBR’s report, ‘Experiences of UK Mid-Corporate Companies in Emerging Asian Economies’, which examines the experiences of 12 UK mid-corporate companies in five emerging Asian markets: India, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Major findings from this project have been presented to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, the Minister of Trade and members of Asia Task Force.

A further project was carried out for UK Trade and Investment in collaboration with China Business Solutions examined engineering sectors in a number of Chinese provinces and assessed the entry opportunities and methods for UK businesses.

Project leaders

Xiaolan Fu
Alan Hughes
Andy Cosh
Paul Kattuman (Cambridge Judge Business School)
Wing Thye Woo (University of California at Davis)

Research fellows

Rafael De Hoyos
Andreas Eisingerich

Project status


Project dates



UK Trade and Investment


Working papers

Fu, X., Cosh, A., Hughes, A., De Hoyos, R. and Eisingerich, A. (2006) ‘Experiences of UK Mid-corporate Companies in Emerging Asian Economies’, UK Trade & Investment, © URN 06/1137.

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Book chapters

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Fu, X., Cosh, A., Hughes, A., De Hoyos, R. and Eisingerich, A. (2006) ‘Experiences of UK Mid-Corporate Companies in Emerging Asian Economies’. UK Trade and Investment, June 2006.

Conference/workshop papers

Fu, X. (2006) “Determinants of UK Mid-corporate companies’ performance in emerging Asian economies”, Asia Task Force 2nd Meeting, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), March 2006, London.

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