Analysis of Middle Market Firms (CBR project)


This project was commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry. A short pilot study of middle market firms was undertaken to explore issues relating to the factors associated with the identification of a middle market typology of firms and an assessment of the impact of types of such firms on business performance. This work drew upon the CBR biennial surveys of British SMEs and on the 2002 panel in particular and exploits the richness of the CBR dataset in terms of variables beyond size age and ownership and explores differences in this wider range of characteristics of the different groupings of firms.

Core team

  • Alan Hughes
  • Andy Cosh
  • Anna Bullock
  • Isobel Milner



Cosh, A., Hughes, A., Bullock, A., Fu, X., Yang, Q.G., Milner, I. (2003) Analysis of Middle Market Firms: A report by the ESRC Centre for Business Research, 4 November.