CIS4 and Oslo Manual Revision: Early Stage Pilot (CBR project)



In the spring of 2004 the DTI asked the CBR to carry out a pilot study in preparation for the next Community Innovation Survey, to be launched in early 2005.

Aims and objectives

We were specifically asked to:

  • explore the degree to which businesses could respond to a key subset of CIS topics on the meaning of innovation, the nature and scale of the inputs to and outputs of innovation in their business.
  • improve our ability to set out the underlying concepts for firms to understand and the way specific questions were formulated.
  • begin with the corresponding question from the CIS3 questionnaire, and to determine how these could be re-engineered to obtain more accurate information and an improved item response rate.

Core team

  • Alan Hughes
  • Andy Cosh
  • Anna Bullock
  • Isobel Milner





The methodology used and the findings can be found in the following report:

CBR (2004) CIS4 Pilot Survey Report to the DTI prepared by the Centre for Business Research, Cambridge University, 17th June.