Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe (DIME) (CBR project)


Project summary

Andrea Mina and Alan Hughes secured a grant from the FP6 DIME Network of Excellence to investigate the role, funding, business models and operating mechanisms of University Research Centres established at the university-industry interface. The project is a joint initiative with Chalmers University of Technology and Imperial College Business School. The grant allowed continuation of the CBR fieldwork on research commercialisation in the US and Japan which was greatly facilitated by Consular assistance in both countries. Fieldwork in the US took place in June 2010 and in Japan in November and December 2010. David Connell, Alan Hughes and Andrea Mina visited senior policy makers, selected research centres, intermediary organisations and national laboratories at several sites, including MIT, Washington (DARPA), Berkeley, Stanford and UCLA in USA and a wide variety of Japanese Corporations (i.e. Hitachi, Kyocera and Sharp) and Government Agencies and Science Foundations in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo (including the Office for Industrial Science & Technology and Environment, the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy and the Council for Science and Technology Policy).

Project leader

  • Alan Hughes
  • Andrea Mina

Project dates



FP6 DIME Network of Excellence


Journal articles

Mina, A. (2009) ‘The emergence of new knowledge, market evolution and the dynamics of micro-innovation systems’ Economics of Innovation and New Technology,18: 447-466.

Working papers

Hughes, A. and Mina, A (2010) ‘The Impact of the Patent System on SMEs’ CBR Working Paper WP411 September.

Conference/Workshop papers

Mina, A.(2011) ‘Professional Services: Innovation and Practices’ UK-IRC and AIM Workshop, Imperial College London Business School, 10-11 March (invited discussant).

Hughes, A. and Kitson, M. (2010), ‘Knowledge Exchange in the UK: Motivations, Impacts and Constraints’, DIME Workshop: Universities on a Third Mission: External Engagement and Entrepreneurship by Academic Researchers, Alma Graduate School, University of Bologna – 11-12 February.

Mina, A. (2009) Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Micro Data (CAED) Conference, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, 2-4 October 2009.


February 2011: UK~IRC research paper shortlisted for international Schumpeter Price