Evidence Base for Innovation Policy (UK~IRC) (CBR project)


This project is not supported by funded research fellows. It draws on inputs by senior academics associated with the UK~IRC programme and other academics and policy makers taking part in the research process. Its objectives are to identify the principal channels by which the evidence base on innovation informs public policy in its national comparative context. Substantive work began in the second full year of funding. It is intended to run throughout the life of the UK~IRC. It has begun with a series of seminars and discussions with senior policy makers in the UK which has been linked with a number of knowledge hub events and with the establishment of a collaborative arrangement with the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) at Cambridge.

In addition to this activity, the project has worked in collaboration with three other projects funded respectively by the EPSRC and the DIME EU Network to fund for fieldwork which has been carried out in the USA and Japan and has involved a series of case study interviews with key policy makers and intermediaries involved in the policy development process. The final outputs of the project will be a series of papers in the evidence base for policy past, present and future. Important intermediate inputs involve the development of a series of seminars for UK policy makers drawing together not only the insights arising from this stream of research itself, but from the wider innovation policy research base in the UK. 

The achievements to date are:

  • established collaborative arrangement with CSaP to host a series of business and policy practitioners to visit UK~IRC and establish potential contacts
  • held a 1-day seminar for BIS on key aspects of evidence from innovation studies research relevant to the current UK innovation review in progress
  • held an innovation summit to draw together public sector, research councils’, charitable organisations’ attitudes towards the assessment of impact and the experience of impact assessment in the USA.


Journal articles

Mina, A, Bascavusoglu-Moreau, E. and Hughes, A. (2013) ‘Open service innovation and the firm’s search for external knowledge’, Research Policy, published online and forthcoming in print (DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2013.07.004). 

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Book chapters

Kitson, M. and Michie, J. (2014) ‘The deindustrial revolution: the rise and fall of UK manufacturing, 1870-2010’ in R. Floud and P. Johnson (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, Volume 2 (Cambridge: CUP), forthcoming.

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Special reports

Hughes, A., Kitson, M., Bullock, A. and Milner, I. (2013) The Dual Funding Structure for Research in the UK: Research Council and Funding Council Allocation Methods and the Pathways to Impact of UK Academics, A Report from the Centre for Business Research (CBR) and the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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Working papers

Lahr, H., Hughes, A. and Kitson, M. (2013) ‘Signalling, absorptive capacity and the geographic patterns of academic knowledge exchange’. Working Paper, April 2013.

Conference/Workshop papers

Hughes, A. (2013) ‘Measuring the Impact of Public Sector Funding for Science Base Research: How can we know if it pays off?’, Meeting of the Science Council, London, 8 October.

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Media coverage

Connell, D. (2010) Article in Financial Times on Myths Report, 15th February.

Hughes, A. (2010) appointment to CST published on Number 10.gov.uk – The official site of the Prime Minister’s Office, 20 March. 

Hughes, A. (2010) March 2010 cited in BBC News item, ‘UK science “must meet challenge” of emerging nations’. 

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2013 news alanhughes

Internationally renowned innovation expert Professor Alan Hughes has been appointed as the Queensland Government Innovator in Residence, based at the University of Queensland Business School. Professor Hughes is the Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School and Director of the Centre for Business Research (CBR) at the University of Cambridge, Director of the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC), and a UQ Business School Honorary Professor. Professor Mark Dodgson, Director of the Technology and Innovation Management Centre at UQ Business School, said: "Through lectures and presentations to government and business, Alan will draw on his world-leading research on issues of great importance to Queensland and Australia, such as: How are small firms encouraged to grow? What can universities and businesses do to better work together? Which government policies encourage innovation? This is a great initiative from the Queensland Government, and we are very pleased that we have attracted such an eminent authority to this important position." Highlighting the relationship between UQ Business School and the Queensland Government, Professor Hughes will be delivering a high-profiled public lecture entitled "The Myth of the Ivory Tower: Universities and the Wealth of the Nation". This lecture will be held at UQ…

2012 news cbropeninnovation

The UK~IRC hosted a two-day conference on Open Innovation on 25-26 June 2012 at Imperial College London to mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of Professor Henry Chesbrough's Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology. As a result of the conference a special issue of the journal Research Policy will be published entitled "Open Innovation: New Insights and Evidence", with guest editors Henry Chesbrough, Ammon Salter, Wim Vanhaverbeke and Joel West, working in conjunction with Research Policy co-editor Ashish Arora. Topics for the conference included: How does the use of open innovation impact the capabilities of the firm to engage in business venturing and strategic renewal? What environmental and internal factors trigger companies to engage in open innovation? What are the performance implications of open innovation? Under what conditions do the costs of open innovation exceed the benefits? How have patterns of open innovation changed over time? What synergies are available by combining inbound and outbound modes of innovation? How should open innovation be applied in new ventures and small and medium-sized companies? How does open innovation change the role of intellectual property in a firm? What the conceptual and empirical limitations of prevailing models…

Events london parliament 229x205 1

The House of Commons Select Committee agreed on 14 December 2011 to launch a new inquiry: Bridging the "Valley of Death": Improving the Commercialisation of Research. Written evidence The Committee invited written submissions on the terms of reference by February 2012. The Centre for Business Research (CBR) and UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) submitted evidence, as did CBR's Senior Research Fellow David Connell. Read the written evidence submitted by the Centre for Business Research (CBR)Read the written evidence submitted by David Connell Oral evidence Oral evidence in April included David Connell, Co-Founder of TTP Ventures and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Business Research/UK Innovation Research Centre, University of Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge; and Matthew Bullock, Chairman of both CBR and UK~IRC. Read the uncorrected transcript of the oral evidence held on 18 April 2012Read the uncorrected transcript of the oral evidence held on 25 April 2012Watch a video of the oral evidence held on 18 April 2012Watch a video of the oral evidence held on 25 April 2012…

Centre for business research cbr 229x205 1

UK~IRC Innovation Summit 2011 – Growing through Innovation 26 November 2011 The Innovation Summit, UK~IRC's annual one day conference for practitioners, policy-makers and academics, took place on 25 November 2011 at IBM Hursley in Winchester. It was a chance to debate hot topics in innovation and share best practice. This year's event, entitled "Growing through Innovation", united the latest academic research with real-world business concerns, to provide evidence-driven discussions on using innovation to sustain growth. The British economy: as good as it gets? 18 July 2011 Has Britain's productivity been permanently and drastically impaired by the banking crisis? And does this mean that the economy has already returned to near normal levels of capacity utilisation? Many policy makers say yes. A new research report challenges the evidence and cautions against excessive policy tightening that may risk a vicious spiral of weaker demand and weaker supply. The report Is the British Economy Supply Constrained? A Critique of Productivity Pessimism by Bill Martin, Centre for Business Research, follows on from his April 2010 study and takes a detailed look at the reasons why Britain's labour productivity has fallen short. He finds policy makers' structural explanations unconvincing. Bill Martin argues that productivity weakness…

2010 news cbr

Professor Hughes re-appointed as member to the Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology 16 December 2010 The Prime Minister today re-appointed five members, including Professor Alan Hughes, appointed four ex-officio members, and launched the recruitment of up to around ten new members to the Council for Science and Technology (CST). The appointments will commence on 1 January 2011 when current members' appointments expire. The CST is the UK Government’s top-level advisory body on science and technology policy issues. It reports directly to the Prime Minister. Find out more Visit the Gov.uk website to read more about the Council for Science and Technology reappointments Higher Education on Regional Economies Research Initiative Conference 18 November 2010 Professor Alan Hughes and Mr Michael Kitson both spoke at the Higher Education on Regional Economies Research Initiative Conference that took place in Edinburgh on 16-17 November 2010. Professor Hughes discussed the phenomenon of investment in higher education being seen as a route to economic recovery. Michael Kitson talked about the impact of expenditure cuts in UK higher education and the implications for society and long-term economic growth, and highlighted the extensive knowledge exchange taking place between academics and the private, public and third sectors.…