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Enterprise Tuesday – Is the VC industry fit to face the climate change challenge?

18:30 – 20:00

With guest panelists: Catlin Wale, Senior Associate, Counteract; Hampus Jakobsson, General Partner, Pale Blue Dot; Yair Reem, Co-founder of BeyondBlack; and Pippa Gawley, Founder & Director, Zero-Carbon Capital

Climate change will affect and, in some cases, transform every aspect of our lives. The venture capital (VC) industry will not be exempt from this transformation. Learn how it is already adapting and what more needs to be developed for the VC industry to play the role it has historically played in society—backing innovation from a starting point of uncertainty. How will this change affect the skills needed by individual venture capitalists and the competitive landscape of the industry?


Enterprise Tuesday – What changes do we need to see in our food system, and how can entrepreneurship help?

18:30 – 20:00

With guest panellists: Tessa Clarke, Co-Founder & CEO of OLIO; Tashia Tucker, CEO and Founder of Olombria; and Robert Montgomery, Managing Director & Co-founder, OxGAV

Our food system represents one of the most consumer-relevant pieces of the puzzle in addressing climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. In this session, we’ll deep dive into some of the changes already under way and take a look into the next wave of innovations entrepreneurs are developing. What can we understand about both entrepreneurial opportunity in this space and the future shape of our farming and eating lives?

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Online (with prior registration) on Zoom

Hosted by the Entrepreneurship Centre.

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