2004 EPRG annual conference (Berlin)

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15 Jun 2004

09:00 -17:30

16 Jun 2004

09:00 -12:30

By invitation only

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CMI and EnBW Electricity Conference

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Liberalisation of domestic retail electricity markets

  • Nils Henrik von der Fehr (University of Oslo) – Liberalisation of Domestic Electricity Retail Markets: The Norwegian Experience

Global climate policy

  • Henry Jacoby (MIT) – Global Climate Policy: Seeking Coherence

Blackouts, reliability and transmission

  • Pippo Ranci (Authority for Electricity and Gas, Italy) – Lessons from Italy’s Blackout of September 28, 2003
  • Janusz Bialek (University of Edinburgh) – Systemic Reasons for Cascading Blackouts in Interconnected Systems
  • Electricity Liberalisation and the New Energy Directive
  • Ulrich Büdenbender (University of Essen) – German Electricity Liberalisation
  • Boaz Moselle (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, UK) – Electricity Liberalisation and the New Directive

Allowance allocation and emissions trading

  • Felix Matthes (Öko-Institut) – Allowances Allocation and Emissions Trading
  • A Denny Ellerman (MIT) – Allowance Allocation: Does It Matter?

Lessons from liberalisation

  • Paul L Joskow (MIT) – Electricity Market Liberalisation: Lessons Learned from the US
  • David Newbery (University of Cambridge) – Lessons from Liberalisation