2005 EPRG annual conference (Berlin)

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19 Sep 2005

09:10 -17:00

20 Sep 2005

09:00 -14:00

By invitation only

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EnBW, EPRG and MIT Electricity Conference

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Addressing market power

  • Martin Hellwig
  • David Newbery – Addressing Market Power

European standard market design

  • Pierre Bornard
  • Ignacio Pérez Arriaga – A European Standard Market Design
  • Andy Ott – Electricity for the 21st Century

Incentive regulation of transmission and distribution (part I)

  • Matthias Kurth – The German Masterplan for Incentive Regulation
  • Paul Joskow – Incentive Regulation in Theory and Practice: Electricity Distribution and Transmission Networks

Incentive regulation of transmission and distribution (part II)

  • Jürgen Joseph – Anreizregulierung für Netzentgelte (Strom) Erwartungen der industriellen Verbraucher
  • Pierre Lederer – Incentive Regulation: The German Debate

Lessons from regulating other network industries

  • Michael Pollitt – British Rail Privatisation: Lessons for the Electricity Sector?
  • Joachim Fried

The EU CO2 emissions trading system

  • Franzjosef Schafhausen – The EU CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Denny Ellerman