2016 EPRG annual conference (Paris)

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7 Jul 2016

08:00 -22:00

8 Jul 2016

08:00 -14:00

By invitation only

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CEEPR and EPRG European Energy Policy Conference

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EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2016 CEEPR/EPRG Annual Conference with support from EDF Energy. The Conference took place in George C Marshall Centre in Paris, France, on 7-8 July and comprised a day-and-a-half of sessions and dinner.

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Session 1: In search of good energy policy

Chaired by Olivier Appert (French Energy Council)

Session 2: Fossil fuel supply and energy security

Chaired by Keisuke Sadamori (IEA)

Session 3: Evolving business models in the electricity sector

Chaired by Marc Bussieras (EDF)

Session 4: Nuclear energy: a key to global decarbonisation?

Chaired by Loren Cox (MIT)

Lunch keynote speaker

Session 1: Energy storage: recent developments and future potential

Chaired by David Reiner (EPRG)

Session 2: “Now comes the hard part”: climate policy after COP21

Chaired by Jean-Paul Bouttes (EDF)