Pathfinder webinar July 2017

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11 Jul 2017

16:00 -18:00


By invitation only

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(where applicable, further details sent upon registration)

Centre for Risk Studies: research tracks

As a related part of the GEAC initiative, in collaboration with Risk Management Solutions, the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School would like to present a Pathfinder webinar.

This showcases various research tracks that are ongoing at the Centre, that relate to potential for loss across multiple lines and insurance-related catastrophe research.

Below are research projects that are ongoing at the Centre, and we invite you to provide feedback and guidance on the prioritisation of the research activities by returning in the feedback form. 

Download the slides (pdf, 3.3MB)

Download feedback form (pdf, 130KB)



The potential for multi-line insurance clash from solar storm events

Research into the threat posed by coronal mass ejections to terrestrial power infrastructure, and how severe scenarios could cause lengthy power outages in locations around the world that could trigger pay-outs to insurance coverages in many different classes of business. 

Natural catastrophes and their potential impact on financial markets

A research programme that examines the potential for very large natural catastrophes to cause correlated loss in an insurer’s investment portfolio. The assumption is typically made that market risk and natural catastrophes are uncorrelated. This research explores the circumstances when this might not be true, and how scenario analysis might improve underwriting and asset risk correlation assumptions. 

The Insurance Gap and Benefits of Insurance in Improving Catastrophe Recovery

Research activities into future growth opportunities for the insurance industry in emerging markets and prospective product lines. The research explores the role that insurance makes on the economic recovery of societies hit by catastrophes of different types, through case studies.