More Than Just (A) Number: Causes and Consequences of Different Conceptualisation of Multiple Team Membership

1 Jun 2023

09:30 -11:30

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Cambridge Judge Business School

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United Kingdom

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Speaker: Professor Gerben van der Vegt, University of Groningen

About the seminar topic

Many employees are members of multiple teams, and research suggests that this may profoundly affect their stress experiences and work outcomes. We argue that progress in this research area has been hampered by a lack of clarity about what multiple team membership (MTM) is and how to conceptualise it. Prevailing conceptualisations of MTM have focused on the total number of teams an individual is a member of (MTM number). We identify how frequently employees shift their attention between different team contexts (MTM switching) and the extent to which they prioritise one membership over all others (MTM coreness) as alternative conceptualisations that better capture MTM’s consequences for individuals. We analysed the MTM characteristics of 1,345 knowledge workers involved in 4,329 project teams and examined the antecedents and consequences of the different MTM characteristics. The findings of our study help to clarify the potential benefits and detriments of MTM and advance the growing literature in this area.

Speaker bio

Gerben S van der Vegt is a full Professor in Organizational Behavior at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). He holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology from the same university. He has published over 50 scholarly articles in outlets such as Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Journal, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science, and Personnel Psychology. His research interests revolve around issues related to the effectiveness of individuals and teams, and more recently focuses on dynamic co-ordination and collaboration within and between teams in organisations. He received over 2 million euro in funding for his research. He was Vice Dean of Research of the Faculty of Economics and Business (2015-2021), Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal (2013-2016), and currently serves on the editorial boards of Organization Science and the Academy of Management Journal.

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