The Essentials of Sustainable Finance

9 Apr 2024

15:00 -16:00

GMT +1

Open to: All


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Join our webinar discussion with Raghavendra Rau and Oğuzhan Karakaş

The world of finance is changing. Businesses and investors can no longer ignore the impact they have on the environment and society. Sustainability is now an essential part of any successful financial strategy.

In this webinar, Raghavendra Rau, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance, and Oğuzhan Karakaş Associate Professor in Finance, will discuss the essential tools used in sustainable finance. We will explore key topics from the Essentials of Sustainable Finance programme as the fundamentals of frameworks such as ESG reporting, carbon accounting, and climate risk assessment. These tools will empower you to make informed decisions with both financial and environmental impact in mind.

The Essentials of Sustainable Finance programme is designed to provide a robust understanding of how financial strategies intersect with sustainability goals, thereby enabling participants to make informed decisions in their respective fields. Over 3 days, participants will analyse topics such as corporate social responsibility, stewardship, carbon management, climate risk mitigation, and the financial strategies required for a just transition. The curriculum includes practical sessions on assessing environmental risks, navigating reporting obligations, and understanding the financial implications of carbon emissions.

To learn more about the programme and its content and learning objectives join us at our webinar and register below.

If you have any queries about this event or the programme please do not hesitate to reach out to Adriana Baciu, Sales and Business Development Manager, Open Programmes.