A tailored, co-creation approach to Executive Education

Design. Develop. Deliver. Demeasure. Four reasons why Cambridge Judge Business School should be your first choice for custom-designed Executive Education programmes. 

Our highly personalised, co-creation approach to Custom programmes specifically targets the challenges and issues unique to your organisation. Working together, we seek to build a seamless, high-quality education experience – one where learning is a process of ‘becoming’, where world-leading psychometrics and learning analytics provide greater insights, and where best-practice, in-depth diagnosis and tailor-made solutions go hand-in-hand. 

If you aren’t inspired to reach your intellectual potential in Cambridge, where will you be?

Niall Pelly, Partner at Matheson

Our learning design principles 

We tailor our custom programmes to suit your strategic priorities. Working together, we design high-level, creative content and solutions from scratch, underpinned with evidence-based, multidisciplinary research. Five key principles form the cornerstones of our design strategy.

#1: Immersive

Our programmes are fully immersive. Your people will:

  • Benefit from action-led, experiential learning
  • Experience flipped classrooms – complete readings before your session and discuss, debate and problem-solve during class time
  • Participate in simulations, role-plays and debates
  • Receive feedback and take the opportunity for deep reflection
  • Explore topics directly applicable to your business needs.

#2: Multi-disciplinary

Our programmes are multi-disciplinary. Your people will:

  • Benefit from a learning environment with direct connections to the University of Cambridge ecosystem – an outstanding intellectual resource at your fingertips
  • Realise the potential of knowledge transfer and expertise across 50 separate academic faculties
  • Explore opportunities for learning and connection with Silicon Fen – home to more than 5,000 tech, fintech, biotech and AI companies.

#3: Diversity

Our programmes value diversity. Your people will:

  • Benefit from our focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and our belief that different backgrounds, experiences and ideas make us stronger
  • Explore global content creation which reflects our full commitment to DEI
  • Engage with faculty who are representative of our embedded DEI strategy.

#4: Teamwork

Our programmes emphasise teamwork. Your people will:

  • Understand collaboration as a core skill for success
  • Undergo psychometric testing to enable deeper individual and group insights
  • Recognise teamwork as an essential means of finding solutions to real-world challenges
  • Experience individual and group coaching to solidify their learning.

#5: Personalised

Our programmes are personalised. Your people will:

  • Participate in a fully tailored, data-driven learning experience
  • Benefit from our customised approach which utilises the most up-to-date applications of AI, learning analytics and psychometrics.

2M: Method and modality – a blended learning experience 

Face-to-face. Live online. On demand. Our programmes are designed to be blended. We use carefully curated and customised content and ensure each learning experience is true to your needs. And whichever blend of method and modality works best for you, we provide a seamless, multichannel approach where presence and a personalised experience is key.





Flipped classroom



Live Online

In the flow of work




4D: Design, development, delivery and demeasurement 

Our co-creation approach is flexible, scalable and adaptable. It’s also deeply collaborative. Following an intense and empathetic analysis of your business needs, we encourage you to work with us throughout the design and development process on a consultative basis.  


Our design approach includes:

  • Learning journey maps
  • Blueprints
  • Storyboards
  • Multimedia
  • Design sprints
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Psychometrics.


Our development approach involves:

  • developing the programme to the agreed design brief
  • keeping you up-to-date on key project milestones
  • encouraging you to co-create the programme with us and stay involved throughout the process
  • ensuring we remain agile and robust – we adapt our development based on new findings.


Our delivery approach is:

  • Taught by world-leading Cambridge Judge faculty
  • Led by a dedicated Academic Programme Director
  • Delivered through rich and immersive learning methods, including case studies, speaker events, ideation and interdisciplinary input
  • Driven by a state-of-the-art, AI powered digital learning platform providing engaging and personalised experiences aligned with evidence-based theory.


Our demeasurement approach includes:

  • employing robust analytics and reporting
  • collecting and sharing pre- and post-programme data relating to individual and company-level comparison
  • delivering a clear indication of ROI and next steps
  • helping you understand how to cascade knowledge through your organisation
    assessing 5 levels of transformation: Satisfaction, Knowledge, Application, Influence, Societal.

Experience cutting-edge learning technologies 

We use cutting-edge technology to measure against your programme objectives and expectations. Incorporate and experience new realities like metaverses, augmented and virtual reality, learning analytics and psychometrics in your custom delivery.

Find out more about how we include psychometrics in our custom design


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