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ISTARI was founded with the belief that knowledge is protection, and an awareness that cybersecurity has become one of the most critical risks businesses face in today’s digital world.

Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education is proud to have collaborated with ISTARI to develop ‘Navigator’, a unique cyber learning experience. The programme empowers cyber leaders to embrace the knowledge and skills needed to grow in confidence, and to evolve and adapt in an ever-changing cyber landscape. This enables our learners to explore what it takes to forge the path to cyber resilience, both now and in the future.

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Risk can spread quickly throughout entire ecosystems. So cybersecurity is quickly becoming a top-of-mind issue for all board members and senior leaders through the world.

Navigator is a 4-day, intensive programme that’s designed to elevate cyber leaders and cyber risk leaders from the boiler room to the boardroom.

Companies overinvest in cyber security protection, and they neglect building resilience in the enterprises. And that’s the cornerstone of our curriculum, to build cyber resilience holistically in organisations.

We don’t only focus on cybersecurity issues. Really, we think about cyber through a business lens. So we touch on issues like governance, risk, strategy, and organisational culture – all of these things that can help a better cyber security model for their business.

The cyber leader of the future is really a transformational business leader, and that’s what Navigator helps you become. What excited us about working with Cambridge Judge Business School was that perfect marriage between academia and cutting-edge industry expertise.

We’re able to bring our experience and knowledge and expertise around leadership, around organisational change, around organisational resilience, and combine that with ISTARI’s world-leading experience in cyber and create this programme that’s really fit for purpose. It’s something that’s going to be of huge benefit to cyber leaders and the organisations in which they work.

The format of the whole 4 days is very engaging. We do a lot of case studies. We do a lot of workshops. All of the participants come with a wealth of knowledge. But we’d like to create common wisdom and extract that knowledge to make it part of the collective in the room. The critical thing that we’ve tried to focus on is impact at every stage of this programme. We wanted to make sure everyone left with a playbook so that they can bring the ideas that we’re working on back to their organisations.

Navigator is now over 150 cyber leaders from some of the world’s leading businesses across industries. And that’s important because this is not about a programme just for today. It’s also about your future career.

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Rashmy Chatterjee, Chief Executive Officer, ISTARI image

Our ambition as a company was really clear – we wanted to build and run the world’s most eminent cyber leadership programme. To enable cyber executives to transition into true senior business leaders. Working with Cambridge Judge Business School has been a world-class experience. The depth of knowledge and deep care of their faculty and staff has elevated the entire programme to a different level. It was a true collaboration. The Navigator’s impact is clear. It helped us build trust with many of the leading brands in the world. We are now working with clients all around the globe who are using its lessons and insights to build a more secure and resilient ecosystem.

Rashmy Chatterjee, Chief Executive Officer, ISTARI

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The vision of Navigator was hugely exciting for Cambridge Judge Business School when ISTARI first approached us to design a programme to support the strategic development of cyber leaders. At Cambridge Judge, we work at the intersection of academia and business, seeking to change leaders who change the world for the better; Navigator seeks to do exactly this. Creating Navigator with ISTARI has been a fantastic experience at every stage; from conception to design to delivery, it has been a true 'meeting of minds' between Cambridge Judge and ISTARI. We are delighted to continue to work with ISTARI to offer Navigator to cyber leaders around the world, enabling them to develop effective cyber resilience at their organisations.

Dr Simon Learmount, Academic Programme Director, ISTARI Navigator Programme

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