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Delegates collaborating on a task

The University of Cambridge is home to some of the best talent in the world and is renowned for the extremely high standard of its teaching. Our programmes are taught in such a way as to make the learning relevant to you and your organisation. 

We consider a range of learning styles and adopt a variety of assessment methods, which are aimed at enriching the learning experience of all. We inspire behavioural change through experiential, interactive exercises and assignments. We enhance the social dimension of learning, facilitating in-depth group discussions and the creation of communities of practice, and these groups often remain active well after the programmes finish. We also bring in business leaders to ensure that the frameworks and concepts taught in the classroom can be applied to your organisational contexts. When agreed and appropriate, we foster the use of methods that mobilise emotions as precursors for attitude and mindset change.

Overall, we create contexts for learning where adaptability, resilience, responsiveness and self-reflectivity emerge, as a result of both individual and group work.