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Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement


£11,500 + VAT

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So far for me, the General Management Certificate of Achievement gave me the opportunity to get a broader view because I’m working in the HR industry, and there’s a very narrow perspective. But with the opportunity of the General Management Certificate, you have a broader view and also get to know other industries and departments, which is very important for future development.

I think the GMCA programme is a very good programme when you are looking at the executive level so that you have some new insights and kind of a bird’s eye perspective so that you get a little bit out of your day-to-day work. If I think somebody is considering doing the general management certificate, it is a very good opportunity to network because you have a very international community here.

So it was very, very interesting for me. I have done different courses in this certificate. And I have met not any person twice. So every time, new people from different countries– far countries, nearer countries. So it is always very, very interesting. And because of those diverse cultures, we have a very, very good learning experience. So I would just would recommend it to everybody.

My professional objective, along through this journey, have changed that I think you gained the basic skill set to be an executive. You not only get a basic knowledge according to specific topics, you also get insights from other people, how they are dealing with their employees, and so on.

This is a very good information for you, how you can, for yourself, deal with your employees on a better level. For example, one course was on ethical decision-making, how you can implement that in day-to-day life to have a good failure culture into the company, that failures are not covered. So failures are open-minded. And this was very interesting.

The one thing is that you get new insights. You get to know new things about technology changes, so really good knowledge. And on the other hand, you have this big brand of Cambridge. And this combination of those two is a very good boost for your CV and for your recognition when you are searching for another employer, or you are searching for employees. It is well known in the world, and highly recognised.

Enhance and fulfil your general management potential

The Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement (GMCA), professional recognition of your professional development with us, enables you to enhance your knowledge and skills across fundamental business concepts and practices and to focus on your personal career development.

What are the GMCA completion criteria?

  • Attend a minimum of 10 days of learning within a two-year time period. Our on-campus, face-to-face and Live Online programmes count as two or three days of learning, and our online programmes count as two days.
  • Choose from our extensive portfolio of over 30 programmes to accumulate your 10 days of learning
  • You can blend face-to-face in Cambridge, Live Online or online programmes, giving you flexible learning dates and options
  • You can even complete the GMCA fully virtually (i.e. combining solely Online and Live Online programmes), allowing you to strategically plan your development needs at a pace and from anywhere in the world
  • You can incorporate a maximum of two fully online programmes
  • You can transfer previously attended programmes towards the completion of the GMCA.


Your learning journey

One of the pedagogical aims of the GMCA is to enable participants to develop a broad general management perspective. We ask that you try to select programmes from at least three different topic areas and a minimum of three programmes:

Please visit the Open Programmes calendar for an up-to-date list of scheduled open programmes.

If you are unsure which of our programmes are most suited to your needs we can advise you on the best options available to you to assist you with your decision. 

If you would prefer a more intensive programme of learning, we recommend our two-week Cambridge General Management Programme, which provides an understanding of the concepts and fundamental principles in key management disciplines, and how to apply them to improve decision-making within your organisation.

Download the brochure for more information on the Certificate of Achievement..

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You’ll learn from outstanding faculty and associates of Cambridge Judge Business School and gain a truly international experience from your global peer group.

  • Acquire a broad understanding of leading-edge business concepts from Cambridge faculty
  • Share a highly interactive learning environment with other participants from across the globe
  • Blend Cambridge-based face-to-face programmes with one Live Online or online programme to complete the certificate
  • Enhance your career needs through specific courses and build effective leadership skills
  • Gain new insights based on rigorous management best practice and research
  • Benefit from a method of study to meet the demands of your timetable and that best satisfies your learning requirements.

There are over 30 programmes to choose from, and you are able to select those that are suited to your individual management development objectives. The GMCA is designed to give you the flexibility to choose programmes in topics that meet your personal career objectives in a timeframe that does not conflict with your work commitments. Upon completion of the Certificate, you will become an Associate Alumni. We are also pleased to offer various payment options to help you spread the cost of the Certificate.

On completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a digital certificate of completion by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education.

On completion, you will also be eligible to become an associate member of Cambridge Judge Business School’s global network of graduates and business-focused University of Cambridge alumni, faculty and staff.

I enjoyed being part of the programmes; the level of discussions was superior, and I gained invaluable professional insights which are impossible to overestimate. I am very proud of my GMCA achievement. Was it worth it? Definitely, I would take the same journey again, it is life-changing.
Konstantyn Stats, Senior Project Director, Caverion

Programme formats

Exexed live online 883x432 1

Live Online

Our Live Online programmes bring Cambridge to you wherever you are, delivering the best aspects of a face-to-face learning experience here in Cambridge, into your office or home. Using technologies we are all now familiar with, you will take part in breakout groups with real time interaction between your peers and faculty. You will engage in realistic simulations or use software-enabled “sprint” design development. We also introduce guest speakers, live “Cambridge Union”-style debates and panels of experts and practitioners into the class.

Our Live Online programmes take place over a number of half-day sessions, run in the mornings (UK time).

Watch our video to learn more

Exexed suite face to face 883x432 1


Face-to-face is a traditional, intense classroom learning experience and is all about hands-on interaction. You will be a part of exercises, debates and conversations, engaging directly with our faculty and your peers. Conversations spill over into breaktimes and meals, forming lasting connections. Share your ideas, develop your network and grow professionally, whilst enjoying the historic city of Cambridge.

Who should attend?

  • Highly motivated business professionals who have reached a level within their organisations where they require more breadth and depth across multiple functional areas
  • Executives who wish to refresh their thinking in specific management principles
  • You’re ambitious, looking to develop your skills and extend your global network of colleagues to enable you to move to the next step in your career.

The flexible structure enables you to study in depth those subjects which are of most relevance to you in terms of your personal development goals and the immediate challenges your organisation is facing. You have the option to choose dates to accommodate your schedule and minimise time out of the office. We can advise you on which programmes to select and the options available to you.

Download the GMCA brochure for more information on the Certificate of Achievement.


  • 10 days of learning to be completed within a two-year time period
  • Over 30 programmes to choose from
  • Flexible dates and programme options (face-to-face in Cambridge, Live Online or Online)
  • Become an Associate Alumni of Cambridge Judge Business School on completion.

To earn the GMCA, you must complete a minimum of 10 days of learning – by selecting from and combining our two and three-day face to face Cambridge based, Live Online or self-paced online programmes (in collaboration with Emeritus Institute of Management) – within two years from the date of your first qualifying programme. The self -paced online programme will be credited as an “in-person” two-day programme for the purpose of meeting the GMCA requirements. You can incorporate a maximum of two self-paced online programmes. Upon successful completion of all 10 days of learning, you will be awarded the Cambridge Judge Business School Cambridge General Management Certificate of Achievement and are eligible to become an Associate Alumni of Cambridge Judge Business School.

We are offering a 12-month extension to the current 24 months completion deadline for those who started their GMCA in and before 2020.

No, participants may only choose from the open programmes that meet the GMCA criteria. You do not have to choose all your programmes in one go. Please contact [email protected] to discuss any changes you wish to make to your programme choices.

One of the pedagogical aims of the GMCA is to enable participants to develop a broad general management perspective. We ask that you try to select programmes from at least three different topic areas.

You may receive credit for up to two qualifying programmes that you have completed successfully in the last 12 months. If you are interested in requesting credit for past qualified programmes, please contact [email protected] to review your programme history and next steps. Please note that the amount of time you will have to complete your remaining programme(s) will depend on the date of the first qualifying programme for which you wish to claim credit. The 10 days of learning must be completed within 24 months (or 36 months if an extension applies).

Upon successful completion of the GMCA you will receive your Certificate and you are eligible to become an Associate Alumni of Cambridge Judge Business School. Note that the GMCA does not grant Cambridge Judge Business School or University of Cambridge Alumni status.

Associate Alumni benefits include:

  • Membership to our exclusive LinkedIn group where you can continue to engage with peers and with Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education
  • Network benefits associated with over 8,000 alumni in over 100 countries
  • Direct access to Cambridge Judge Business School online network
  • Updates on timely faculty research, thought-provoking articles, and emerging business trends via our online Alumni newsletter.
  • Invitations to worldwide networking events and regular invitations to Cambridge Judge Business School live webinars to hear the latest thinking and proven practices from world-class academic and business experts
  • 20% discount on any future Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Open Programmes
  • Ability to showcase your successful completion of the Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement on your LinkedIn profile.

We encourage you to contact and talk to us – let us help you build your personalised learning development plan. We will guide you on the best programme options to match your learning needs, interests and schedule. Contact us via [email protected].

You can also register directly online.

Whilst there is no official application process, our GMCA participants typically are mid to senior executives with a minimum of five+ years’ work experience.

The GMCA fee is £11,500 + VAT. Fees can be paid in full or to spread costs, on a programme by programme basis. If you want to discuss payment options, please contact us at [email protected].

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update

The international participant group was really strong; I met so many interesting people from diverse professional backgrounds. There was a significant amount of shared experiences and business cases which helped us all to learn from each other and develop our individual plans for the future.
Doris Haselsteiner, Managing Director, voestalpine UK

Why Cambridge Judge Business School?

Cambridge Judge faculty

All of our programmes are designed and led by an Academic Programme Director, who is a member of Cambridge Judge Business School faculty. They will also deliver substantial portions of that programme.

Leading-edge research

The research conducted by Cambridge Judge Business School’s 20 research centres, across a diverse range of disciplines, flows directly into all of our programmes, bringing new insights to our programme content.

Small group learning

With small class sizes, we continue the Cambridge way of learning that emphasises high levels of interaction with both our world-class faculty and peers.


Visit our Calendar for dates of scheduled open programmes, including their duration.

The GMCA Fee is £11,500 + VAT.

The programme choices can be taken in any order, and you have up to two years to complete. We request participants attend a minimum of three programmes.

The fee covers 10 days of teaching and includes instruction and materials, and refreshments and lunch are included on the face-to-face programmes. Please note that accommodation is not included. In order to receive the Certificate of Attendance participants are expected to attend each programme in full. The fee can be paid in full or, to spread the cost, on a programme by programme basis. To discuss payment options, please contact [email protected] for further details.

We are offering a 12-month extension to the current 24 months completion deadline for those who started their GMCA in and before 2020.

If you wish to select programmes that run past the 10 days (i.e. add up to 11 days) as part of the Certificate, then this can be discussed with the open enrolment team. The rate of the additional day of learning is £1,000 + 20% VAT.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how this programme could benefit you or your organisation, please get in touch with the programme advisor:

Steven Grundy

Corporate Business Development Director
Open Programmes
Tel: +44 (0)7548 708069

Schedule a call with Steven

[email protected]

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Steven Grundy.

Additional information

Registration closes at midday two working days before the programme start date.

Participants are expected to attend the full programme.

For information regarding payment terms, cancellation rights, transfer policies and fees, please see our terms & conditions documents:

Terms & Conditions for Self-funded Applicants (updated January 2023)

Terms & Conditions for Organisation-funded Applicants (updated January 2023)

Version 10.1 (14 March 2023)