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Global Internship Programme

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) Global Internship Programme

The programme

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) is a multi-disciplinary research institute established within Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

The CCAF conducts research across four broad, yet interconnected, research streams:

  1. Alternative online channels and instruments including crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending
  2. Alternative credit analytics and new forms of data analytics to inform credit decision-making
  3. Alternative payments systems and distributed ledger technology
  4. Alternative finance regulations and policy

The CCAF is an internationally renowned centre of excellence, noted for its pioneering research in alternative finance: its benchmarking and industry reports are widely recognised as the most reliable, independent and comprehensive sources of information and market data in crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of alternative finance. 

Many of the questions that the CCAF are asking and exploring are broad and extend beyond the economic sector and financial innovation to encompass socio-technological and cultural-political aspects. They have implications not only for regional economic development, asset pricing, innovation, and corporate finance, but also for trust, reputation, and consumer behaviour. 

Whether you have just started university or are nearing the completion of your PhD and have a passion for finance and how it is evolving, the CCAF is offering you the chance to work alongside leading experts to tackle some of these topical issues (online channels, credit analytics, payment systems, regulation and policy); facilitating successful candidates to make their own contribution to this exciting and dynamic industry.

Throughout the year the CCAF recruits the brightest student volunteers from across the globe to fulfil active and integral roles on various influential global research projects. The Centre regularly works in collaboration with pioneering companies and organisations such as CME Group Foundation, VISA Europe Collab and the Financial Conduct Authority. 

What does it involve

Whilst being part of a close knit and dynamic team, successful candidates will have the flexibility of working remotely as well as on site at the Centre. Each cohort lasts a minimum of three months to ensure that you experience the full cycle of a research project - from inception to completion. You will be in excellent and like-minded company, working alongside other student volunteers as well as Centre’s core research team, to gain valuable industry experience and skills. 

Some examples of the work you may be involved with here at the Centre include:

  • engaging with alternative finance platforms 
  • primary data collection
  • interpretation and graphical representation of primary data using Microsoft Excel
  • designing marketing materials to educate target audiences about the Centre
  • delivering presentations on topical alternative finance issues to the rest of your team
  • researching fintech in different global regions and performing sizing and trend analysis
  • researching market trends and the regulatory landscape of different countries.

The ideal candidate will be required to contribute between 10–15 hours a week to the Centre during term time, and 20–30 hours during summer/winter vacations, to ensure that they fully immerse themselves in the available research projects and reap the most that the programme has to offer in terms of experience, learning and skills.

Student profiles

View student profiles from our 2016 and 2017 cohorts.

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Working at CCAF gave me new insights into the alternative finance industry, its models and various crowdfunding platforms across the globe. The good thing is, in spite of the remote nature of the programme, there was a strong presence of team work. Regular online meetings and presentations helped us to stay involved and motivated to work hard for completing the tasks at hand. Also the internship provided me with many good contacts from my home country and across the world.
Piyush, 2016

* Start and end dates of the internship are flexible. The CCAF will co-ordinate with candidates to develop a bespoke programme to accommodate individual requirements. 


CCAF Global Internship Programme

Winter internships: Jan- Apr*
Summer internships: Jun- Sep*

Applications for 2017 internships are now closed. For applications for the Winter 2018 intake, please check back for details of the application process from September onwards for closing date of 31 October.

Working with a leading research centre like the Cambridge Centre for Alternate Finance has provided me with tremendous exposure and learning in this endeavour.
Aditya, 2016
The best thing about the Centre is its work ethos. The researchers and fellows are all very talented and working on cutting-edge research but they are also very approachable and fun to work with. That's what makes working at the Centre such a good learning opportunity.
Usman, 2016
The whole internship experience was very enriching and has helped increase my value for future endeavours. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly webinars and discussions on the various topics connected to alternative finance.
Harshal, 2016