The 2nd Annual Middle East & Africa Alternative Finance Industry Report

Tania Ziegler, Krishnamurthy Suresh, Kieran Garvey, Philip Rowan, Bryan Zhang, Akachi Obijiaku, Rui Hao and Fatimah Alqahtani.

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Now in its second year, this benchmarking report covers online alternative finance activity from the Middle East and African region in 2016. The total alternative finance market volume across the region grew by 48 per cent, accounting for $358.87 million. Africa alone accounted for $181.56m (51 per cent of this volume) having grown by 118 per cent against the previous year. The Middle East accounted for $177.3m, with volume driven by online alternative finance activity in Israel and the United Arab Emirates. 

The new report covers data from platform activity in 52 countries in Africa and the Middle East, and includes survey data from over 77 alternative finance platforms reporting activity in the 2016 calendar year. 

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