The University of Cambridge’s Centre for India & Global Business, located within the prestigious Cambridge Judge Business School, serves as a reliable partner with a mission to establish a worldwide innovation platform that connects innovators across the world.

Situated in the heart of the University, the Centre for India & Global Business strives to produce original thought leadership while connecting business, academic, and policy leaders from across the globe to collaborate with Indian and international innovators. Our aspirations are inspired by the phrase “world knowledge platform” coined by former Indian President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, who articulated a vision for India. Our own vision is to become a “global innovation platform” that brings together the finest innovators from India and around the world to develop solutions that advance a diverse and prosperous India and world.

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.
Dr A P J Kalam speaking at Cambridge Judge Business School

I’d like to see India’s talent for jugaad – frugal, flexible and inclusive innovation – scaled up. My hope is that this can be done systematically across the board, to develop and deliver radically affordable solutions in health, education, energy, agriculture and finance.

Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Co-Director

Our role as trusted partner

We believe that the University of Cambridge can be a trusted partner with India’s engagement with the world, and that we can derive mutual benefit from this partnership. Our destiny as a university also lies squarely with young people, with creating knowledge and new ideas, and applying it to commercial and social goals in a global environment.

I’d like to see an open and generous 2-way flow of innovation and collaboration between India and the world – less nation, more innovation. I am hopeful that recent innovation in digital public goods will help leapfrog us to equal opportunity and shared prosperity.

Marvin Fernandes, Co-Director

The Centre for India & Global Business is a wonderful example of the University of Cambridge’s growing engagement with India. It plays a central role in enabling and sustaining links between business, academic and policy leaders from around the world, each eager to play their part as India takes its prominent place in the global economy. Propelled by a young population, dynamic entrepreneurs and a pluralistic democracy, the Indian economy is expected to be one of the world’s largest by 2030. But such development will depend on a breadth as well as depth of vision to include widening economic participation, and providing quality education and infrastructure in a sustainable way. Innovation and partnerships will be important means for addressing the challenges which lie ahead in the struggle for growth and sustainability. And it is in precisely the arena of innovation and partnership where Cambridge is best suited to play. I trust you will find this website opens many doors to ways in which the Centre is bringing together business, academic and policy leaders and young people from around the world. The only criterion for entry is a fascination and determination for involvement in the way India is taking its place in the global economy.

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson DBE Member of the UK-India Round Table, and Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the Cambridge India Partnership