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The world-class faculty and students affiliated with the Centre for India and Global Business conduct cutting-edge research on topics related to India’s socio-economic development and its growing engagement with the global community. The country has a profound opportunity to leverage its newly created and rapidly expanding digital public infrastructure (India Stack) in conjunction with other technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) to transform many sectors. The Centre’s research is aimed at studying this phenomenon as well as helping India shape the global knowledge economy in the 21st century.

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The Centre’s current research focus is in 3 primary areas:

Jugaad innovation

How might India’s talent for jugaad – frugal, flexible and inclusive innovation – scaled up? How can jugaad innovation be done systematically across the board, to develop and deliver radically affordable solutions in health, education, energy, agriculture and finance?

Digital public goods and government innovation

How and why firms and other Indian organisations are leveraging digital public goods (India Stack) to create innovative products, services and business models at population scale? How and why can the success of digital public goods in India be replicated across the world?

How should governments be in the 21st century? How can governments embrace change?

Sustainability innovation

How and why global innovations such as in climate change, natural resources, intergenerational equity, and the broader ESG segment might be adapted for India and then round-tripped to the rest of the world (and vice-versa)?