About the Centre for Risk Studies


How do government policymakers and corporate leaders make decisions with a view to global threats and uncertainties?

As a multidisciplinary centre of excellence for the study of the management of economic and societal risks, the Centre’s focus is on the analysis, assessment, and mitigation of global vulnerabilities for the advancement of political, business and individual decision-makers. 

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About Centre for Risk Studies.

What we do

It is critical for security and risk professionals to leverage data analysis in strategic decision making. We aim to develop analytics and data which benefits the global risk community. Our unique and valuable research helps leaders consider the financial costs and risk reduction benefits of their risk management strategies.  

Our objectives: 

  • Create a multidisciplinary environment using Cambridge University’s academic community and partners to generate research in public and private sector risk.
  • Establish a framework for modelling risks and decision making.
  • Provide a base for coordinating and sponsoring multidisciplinary research projects.
  • Pursue private and public sector funding.
  • Contribute to publications for broad dissemination to government, academia, and industry.  


We’re a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of individuals drawn from various fields. Take a look at the team behind our world-class studies, who drive the cutting-edge research we share with our partners, the business community at large as well as government policy makers, regulators and industry bodies.

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Our research programme attracts supporters from corporate and financial sectors. Added to this, our research partnerships help us expand our work to encompass systemic risks and other worldwide risks.

Risilience logo.

Risilience is the platform partner to the Centre for Risk Studies. Risilience is a deeptech, data-driven analytics platform, enabling global corporations to understand the benefits of risk management. Risilience’s products and services give business leaders a competitive advantage in managing their risks and opportunities from climate change and other enterprise risks through its application of research frameworks pioneered by the Centre for Risk Studies at the Business School. Using company-specific analysis, Risilience provides detailed, quantified results to support strategic decision making driven by future scenarios.