Decision Making under Uncertainty: Methodologies from Signal Processing & Forecasting

This jointly sponsored journal club will bring students from the engineering and business communities together to review seminal literature around decision theory in the context of signal and information processing.

Each session will include three presentations by meeting participants, each lasting 15 minutes with 5 additional minutes of discussion time. The focus of this journal club will be to broaden knowledge base and research scope for PhD students.

The journal articles can be selected from the Centre’s recommended list of articles on decision theory. A list will be emailed to all participants.

Download the flyer for these journal club sessions (pdf, 84KB)

Professor William Fitzgerald

Professor of Applied Statistics and Signal Processing, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Dr Joan Lasenby

Senior Lecturer in Information Engineering, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Michelle Tuveson

Executive Director, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, University of Cambridge


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