Cyber attacks are constantly in the news. Cyber insurance and protection services for cyber risk are rapidly growing markets. Understanding the systemic nature of cyber risk is critical for risk management.

Global productivity has been boosted by information technology, and it has rapidly become a key component of daily life and developed into a business dependency. The potential for a disruption to core IT systems is an increasing concern of risk managers. This report examines the potential for widespread, simultaneous impact on a large number of companies that are active in the cyber economy, through a selected stress test scenario.

In this briefing, the research team of the Centre for Risk Studies at The University of Cambridge will provide an update on risk research on the potential for systemic cyber attacks to disrupt social and economic activity. They will outline a proposed ‘Risk Test Scenario’ for investment stress testing, business preparedness, and insurance loss estimation.

The briefing will address:

  • Latest cyber attacks and their origination
  • Concepts of insurability of cyber risk, and aggregation for systemic risk
  • What could a severe cyber attack scenario do to our global economy?

Sold out event 

Lunch generously provided by Lighthill Risk Network.


Cyber Catastrophe
Defining a Risk Test Scenario for managing the business risks posed by cyber threats
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Sybil Logic Bomb Cyber Catastrophe: Stress Test Scenario
Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Report
A risk framework for considering systemic cyber threats and a stress test scenario of a cyber catastrophe for use in business, insurance, and policy-making.
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