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The Hong Kong ‘umbrella’ protests are the latest high-profile social unrest movement to cause disruption in parts of the world’s key business cities.

The nature of social unrest is changing significantly, ranging from the Arab Spring to the ‘Occupy’ movement, that fuelled protest actions in nearly 1000 cities worldwide in 2012, This is driven by rising youth dissatisfaction, opportunity gaps, and disassociation with conventional politics. The threat has become systemic as social media now enables sudden and coordinated protest across many locations at once.

In this briefing, the research team of the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge will provide an update on risk research on the potential for systemic social unrest to disrupt social and economic activity. They will outline a proposed ‘Risk Test Scenario’ for investment stress testing, business preparedness, and insurance loss estimation.

Download the Risk Briefing presentation (pdf, 3MB) 22 January 2015

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Lunch generously provided by Lighthill Risk Network.

Millennial uprising social unrest stress test scenario

A Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies report

The nature of social unrest has changed significantly since the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. This report proposes a stress test scenario of a widespread uprising, fueled by youth unemployment, for use in business and policy-making.

Download the report (pdf, 9.50MB)