The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies has held the 2017 meeting of its Advisory Board, with attendees representing the supporting organisations of the Centre, academic advisors, and invited guests.

The executive team of the Centre for Risk Studies presented a progress report on the past year’s activities, the current positioning and strategy of the Centre, and the various strands of research. The meeting reviewed the strategy, focus, and differentiating characteristics of the Centre.

The Advisory Board provides guidance and inputs into the planning of the future research agenda of the Centre for Risk Studies.

The Centre for Risk Studies research team gave a series of presentations in a morning session to provide the Advisory Board Meeting attendees with an update on recent research activities and current thinking around next stage research objectives.

Download the Research Showcase agenda (pdf, 43KB)


Session I – Emerging and Systematic Risk Research

CCRS Research Overview (pdf, 1.65MB)

Professor Daniel Ralph, Academic Director

Cyber Risk Research at CCRS (pdf, 1.4MB)

Jennifer Copic, Research Assistant

Geopolitical Risk and Catastrophe Threats (pdf, 2.14MB)

Tamara Evan, Research Assistant

Multi-Line Insurance Exposure Data (pdf, 1.17MB)

Kayla Strong, Research Assistant

Session II – Putting It All Together: Project Pandora

Trillion Dollar Catatstrophe Scenarios (pdf, 2.15MB)

Simon Ruffle, Director of Research & Technology

Methods for Generating Threat Scenario Sets (pdf, 1.65MB)

Jessica Tsang, Research Assistant

Modelling Economic Contagion (pdf, 1.82MB)

Dr Ali Rais Shaghaghi, Research Assistant

Multi-Threat Cascades (pdf, 1.88MB)

Arjun Mahalingam, Research Assistant

Adding Stocks to the Pandora Framework (pdf, 965KB)

Dr Andrew Skelton, Research Associate

Session III – Use Cases and Applications

Benefits of Improving Infrastructure Resilience (pdf, 3.46MB)

Dr Edward Oughton, Research Associate

Towards the Resilient Enterprise: Corporate Risk Profiling (pdf, 1.85MB)

Dr Michelle Tuveson, Executive Director

Insurance Use Cases of Risk Research at CCRS (pdf, 1.33MB)

Dr Andrew Coburn, Director of Advisory Board