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Risk Summits.

The Risk Summit is an annual two-day event run by the Centre for Risk Studies that brings together senior executives and decision makers from business, government and industry backgrounds, as well as researchers from varied disciplines, to explore the current pressing issues in risk management. The Risk Summit is organised to include plenary sessions, research showcases and networking events including a formal dinner at one of the University of Cambridge’s colleges. 

The Centre for Risk Studies’ conference Organising Committee selects speakers of diverse professional backgrounds and research interests to present at the Risk Summit. Attendees have the opportunity to engage in debate regarding the topics presented and generate frameworks that help form the agenda for the Centre’s latest research programme. Papers contributed by faculty and researchers may also be presented. 

Please contact the Centre for further information on our Risk Summits.





11th Risk Summit

The Resilient Company – Managing Business Risks

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10th Risk Summit

The 10th Anniversary Risk Summit

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9th Risk Summit

Risks Beyond Boundaries

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8th Risk Summit

Managing Risk in a Smarter World

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7th Risk Summit

Risk Culture: Challenging Individual Agency

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6th Risk Summit

Risk Testing: Stressing the Boundaries

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5th Risk Summit

The Pulse of Risk: From Big Data to Business Value

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4th Risk Summit

Risk & Strategy: Returns versus Resilience

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3rd Risk Summit

Anticipating the Future: Risk Management for Long-term Planning

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2nd Risk Summit

The Human Dimension of Risk: Perception, Behaviour & Decision Making in Risk Management

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1st Risk Summit

Managing the Risk of Catastrophic Failure in Complex Systems

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